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Journal of Money, Credit and Banking, Volume 48, Issue 7, 2016



Credit Availability and Asset Pricing Dynamics in Illiquid Markets: Evidence from Commercial Real Estate Markets by DAVID C. LING, ANDY NARANJO and BENJAMIN SCHEICK

A Model of the Confidence Channel of Fiscal Policy by BERNARDO GUIMARAES, CAIO MACHADO and MARCEL RIBEIRO

Two Extensive Margins of Credit and Loan-to-Value Policies by PEDRO GETE and MICHAEL REHER

Monetary Policy Expectations at the Zero Lower Bound  by MICHAEL D. BAUER and GLENN D. RUDEBUSCH

Bank Recapitalization, Regulatory Intervention, and Repayment by THOMAS KICK, MICHAEL KOETTER and TIGRAN POGHOSYAN

The CARD Act and Young Borrowers: The Effects and the Affected by PETER DEBBAUT, ANDRA GHENT and MARIANNA KUDLYAK

Like Father Like Sons? The Cost of Sovereign Defaults in Reduced Credit to the Private Sector by RUI ESTEVES and JOÃO TOVAR JALLES


Mixed Integer Programming Revealed Preference Tests of Utility Maximization and Weak Separability of Consumption, Leisure, and Money by PER HJERTSTRAND, JAMES L. SWOFFORD and GERALD A. WHITNEY

URL: http://onlinelibrary.wiley.com/doi/10.1111/jmcb.2016.48.issue-7/issuetoc

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