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The Monsoon and the Market for Money in Late-colonial India


Enterprise & Society, Volume 17, Issue 2, June 2016

Banking experienced large growth in colonial India along with a process of commercialization of agriculture. Yet, the rate of aggregate saving or investment remained low. This article is an attempt to resolve this paradox. It suggests that traditional forms of banking were helped by the formalization of indigenous negotiable instruments, but that transactions between bankers, merchants, and peasants were characterized by a limited use of legal instruments. The limited circulation of bills in this sphere is attributed, among other factors, to high seasonality in the demand for money. Seasonality-induced distortions in the organization of the money market made indigenous banking an unsuitable agent to promote saving and finance industrialization.

URL: https://www.cambridge.org/core/journals/enterprise-and-society/issue/D9574D9683A451514326473A2BA789AD

Courtesy: Cambridge journals


An investigation of renewable and non-renewable energy consumption and economic growth nexus using industrial and residential energy consumption

Seema Narayan, Nadia Doytch

Energy Economics, Volume 68, Pages 1-578 (October 2017)
Our study shows that links between economic growth and energy consumption (both expressed in per capita terms) differed for renewables and non-renewables for income panels over the period 1971 to 2011. Renewables are mainly found to support the neutrality hypothesis. Only renewable totals in low and lower middle income (LLMI) countries are found to drive economic growth. The feedback, growth and conservative hypotheses strongly feature with non-renewables (total and industrial). Our results are derived by linking different definitions of energy consumption with economic growth for 89 countries divided into LLMI; upper middle income (UMI); and high income (HI) panels.

URL: http://www.sciencedirect.com/science/journal/01409883/68

Courtesy: Sciencedirect

Southern Economic Journal, Volume 84, Issue No.2, October 2017


Contests and Innovation (pages 373–374)Cary Deck and James J. Murphy

The All-Pay Auction with Nonmonotonic Payoff (pages 375–390)Subhasish M. Chowdhury

Experimenting with Contests for Experimentation (pages 391–406)Cary Deck and Erik O. Kimbrough

Multi-battle Contests: An Experimental Study (pages 407–425)Shakun D. Mago and Roman M. Sheremeta

Research Articles

Does It Get Better? Recent Estimates of Sexual Orientation and Earnings in the United States (pages 426–441)Christopher S. Carpenter and Samuel T. Eppink

Screening for Managerial Objectives (pages 442–455)Daniel G. Arce

Sabotaging Another: Priming Competition Increases Cheating Behavior in Tournaments (pages 456–473)Mary L. Rigdon and Alexander D’Esterre

Gender Differences in the Giving and Taking Variants of the Dictator Game (pages 474–483)Subhasish M. Chowdhury, Joo Young Jeon and Bibhas Saha

Incumbency and Distributive Politics: Intergovernmental Transfers in Mexico(pages 484–503)Andrew Abbott, René Cabral and Philip Jones

Impact of Allowing Sunday Alcohol Sales in Georgia on Employment and Hours(pages 504–524)Julie L. Hotchkiss and Yanling Qi

The Impact of Multinational Presence on Domestic Investment: Firm-Level Evidence from South Korea (pages 525–547)Kwang Soo Kim and Asli Leblebicioğlu

The Impact of Federal Homelessness Funding on Homelessness (pages 548–576)David S. Lucas

Stopping on Nine: Evidence of Heuristic Managerial Decision-Making in Major League Baseball Pitcher Substitutions (pages 577–599)David C. Phillips

The Contribution of Associate’s Degree Holders to U.S. Earnings, Labor Quality, Productivity, and Overall Economic Growth (pages 600–636)Ross Gittell, Jon D. Samuels and Edinaldo Tebaldi

Direct Evidence on Sticky Information from the Revision Behavior of Professional Forecasters (pages 637–653)Karlyn Mitchell and Douglas K. Pearce

URL : http://onlinelibrary.wiley.com/doi/10.1002/soej.v84.2/issuetoc 

Courtesy : Wiley Online Library

Economic and Political Weekly ,Vol. 52, Issue No. 48, 02 Dec, 2017



Why We Remember 6 December

If Hadiya Had Been a Man

Forced to Live on the Margins

From 50 Years Ago: Racial Conflict in Malaysia

Margin Speak

Moody’s Upgrades Modi’s Rating by Anand Teltumbde

Kyklos, Volume 70, Issue No. 4, 2017

The Electoral Politics and the Evolution of Complex Healthcare Systems (pages 483–510)Roger D. Congleton, Alberto Batinti and Rinaldo Pietratonio

Differences in National Identity, Violence and Conflict in International Sport Tournaments: Hic Sunt Leones! (pages 511–545)Raul Caruso, Marco Di Domizio and David A. Savage

Do Economics Departments Improve after They Appoint a Top Scholar as Chairperson? (pages 546–564)Amanda H. Goodall, John M. McDowell and Larry D. Singell

Occupational Prestige and the Gender Wage Gap (pages 565–593)Kristin J. Kleinjans, Karl Fritjof Krassel and Anthony Dukes

Self-Preserving Leviathans Evidence from Local-Level Data (pages 594–621)Jan Kluge, Gunther Markwardt and Christian Thater

Fiscal Fairness as a Political Argument (pages 622–640)Bram Mahieu, Benny Geys and Bruno Heyndels

URL: http://onlinelibrary.wiley.com/doi/10.1111/kykl.v70.4/issuetoc

Courtesy: Wiley Online Library

Demography, Volume 54, Issue No. 5, 2017

Increasing Inequality in Parent Incomes and Children’s Schooling (Pages 1603-1626)Greg J. Duncan, Ariel Kalil, Kathleen M. Ziol-Guest

Ecological Instability and Children’s Classroom Behavior in Kindergarten (Pages 1627-1651)Paula Fomby, Stefanie Mollborn

Neighborhoods, Schools, and Academic Achievement: A Formal Mediation Analysis of Contextual Effects on Reading and Mathematics Abilities (Pages 1653-1676)Geoffrey T. Wodtke, Matthew Parbst

Children of Migrants: The Cumulative Impact of Parental Migration on Children’s Education and Health Outcomes in China (Pages 1677-1714)Xin Meng, Chikako Yamauchi

Circadian Rhythms, Sleep, and Cognitive Skills: Evidence From an Unsleeping Giant (Pages 1715-1742)

Osea Giuntella, Wei Han, Fabrizio Mazzonna

Women’s Progress for Men’s Gain? Gender-Specific Changes in the Return to Education as Measured by Family Standard of Living, 1990 to 2009–2011 (Pages 1743-1772)ChangHwan Kim, Arthur Sakamoto

Children and Careers: How Family Size Affects Parents’ Labor Market Outcomes in the Long Run (Pages 1773-1793)Sara Cools, Simen Markussen, Marte Strøm

The Growth, Scope, and Spatial Distribution of People With Felony Records in the United States, 1948–2010 (Pages 1795-1818)Sarah K. S. Shannon, Christopher Uggen, Jason Schnittker, Melissa Thompson…

Racial Differences in Neighborhood Attainment: The Contributions of Interneighborhood Migration and In Situ Change (Pages 1819-1843)Ying Huang, Scott J. South, Amy Spring

The Simultaneous Effects of Socioeconomic Disadvantage and Child Health on Children’s Cognitive Development (Pages 1845-1871)Dohoon Lee, Margot Jackson

The Population Education Transition Curve: Education Gradients Across Population Exposure to New Health Risks (Pages 1873-1895)David P. Baker, William C. Smith, Ismael G. Muñoz, Haram Jeon, Tian Fu…

Risk of Developing Dementia at Older Ages in the United States (Pages 1897-1919)Ezra Fishman

Modeling and Forecasting Mortality With Economic Growth: A Multipopulation Approach (Pages 1921-1946)Tim J. Boonen, Hong Li

Addendum to “The Effects of College on Weight: Examining the ‘Freshman 15’ Myth and Other Effects of College Over the Life Cycle” (Page 1947)Charles L. Baum II

Race, Remarital Status, and Infertility in 1910: More Evidence of Multiple Causes (Pages 1949-1972)

Andrew S. London, Cheryl Elman

Just Like in Their Home Country? A Multinational Perspective on Living Arrangements of Older Immigrants in the United States (Pages 1973-1998)Zoya Gubernskaya, Zequn Tang

Erratum to: Quantifying Intrinsic and Extrinsic Contributions to Human Longevity: Application of a Two-Process Vitality Model to the Human Mortality Database (Page 1999)J. Sharrow, J. J. Anderson

URL: https://link.springer.com/journal/13524/54/5/page/1

Courtesy: Springer Link

Economic Development and Cultural Change, Volume 66, Issue No.1, 2017

Women Political Leaders, Corruption, and Learning: Evidence from a Large Public Program in India (Pages 1–30)Farzana Afridi, Vegard Iversen, M. R. Sharan

From Darkness to Light: The Effect of Electrification in Ghana, 2000–2010 (Pages 31–54)George Akpandjar, Carl Kitchens

Food Price Subsidies and Nutrition: Evidence from State Reforms to India’s Public Distribution System (Pages 55–90)Prasad Krishnamurthy, Vikram Pathania, Sharad Tandon

Keeping Up with the Neighbors? Reference Groups in Ghana (Pages 91–112)Erin C. Lentz

Migrant Networks and Job Search: Evidence from Thailand (Pages 113–146)Eik Leong Swee

Impact of Internal Migration on Labor Market Outcomes of Native Males in Thailand (Pages 147–177)

Eliane El Badaoui, Eric Strobl, Frank Walsh

URL: http://www.journals.uchicago.edu/toc/edcc/current

Courtesy: University of Chicago Press Journals



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