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World Development, Volume 107, July 2018

Regular Papers

Wealth-destroying private property rights by Peter T. Leeson, Colin Harris

The impact of community forest concessions on income: an analysis of communities in the Maya Biosphere Reserve by Corinne Bocci, Lea Fortmann, Brent Sohngen, Bayron Milian

Sanitation and child health in India by Britta Augsburg, Paul Andrés Rodríguez-Lesmes

Playing games to save water: Collective action games for groundwater management in Andhra Pradesh, India by Ruth Meinzen-Dick, Marco A. Janssen, Sandeep Kandikuppa, Rahul Chaturvedi, … Sophie Theis

Agent banking in a highly under-developed financial sector: Evidence from Democratic Republic of Congo by Robert Cull, Xavier Gine, Sven Harten, Soren Heitmann, Anca Bogdana Rusu

Do men and women estimate property values differently?    by Cheryl R. Doss, Zachary Catanzarite, William Baah-Boateng, Hema Swaminathan, … J.Y. Suchitra

The interplay between planned and autonomous adaptation in response to climate change: Insights from rural Ethiopia by Azeb Assefa Mersha, Frank van Laerhoven

Welfare spending and political conflict in Latin America, 1970–2010 by Patricia Justino, Bruno Martorano

Climate adaptation strategies in Fiji: The role of social norms and cultural values by Andreas Neef, Lucy Benge, Bryan Boruff, Natasha Pauli, … Renata Varea

Unintended effects of a targeted maternal and child nutrition intervention on household expenditures, labor income, and the nutritional status of non-targeted siblings in Ghana by Katherine P. Adams, Travis J. Lybbert, Stephen A. Vosti, Emmanuel Ayifah, … Kathryn G. Dewey

Natural resource sector FDI, government policy, and economic growth: Quasi-experimental evidence from Liberia by Jonas B. Bunte, Harsh Desai, Kanio Gbala, Bradley Parks, Daniel Miller Runfola

New modalities for managing drought risk in rainfed agriculture: Evidence from a discrete choice experiment in Odisha, India by Patrick S. Ward, Simrin Makhija

Using Facebook ad data to track the global digital gender gap by Masoomali Fatehkia, Ridhi Kashyap, Ingmar Weber

New reading of Saharan agricultural transformation: Continuities of ancient oases and their extensions (Algeria) by Meriem Farah Hamamouche, Marcel Kuper, Hichem Amichi, Caroline Lejars, Tarik Ghodbani

What might ‘just green enough’ urban development mean in the context of climate change adaptation? The case of urban greenspace planning in Taipei Metropolis, Taiwan by Leslie Mabon, Wan-Yu Shih

Legalization, diplomacy, and development: Do investment treaties de-politicize investment disputes? by Geoffrey Gertz, Srividya Jandhyala, Lauge N. Skovgaard Poulsen

Measuring livelihood resilience: The Household Livelihood Resilience Approach (HLRA) by Amy Quandt

Climate change and gender equality in developing states by Joshua Eastin

New narratives of development work? Making sense of social entrepreneurs’ development narratives across time and economies by Yanto Chandra

More farmers, less farming? Understanding the truncated agrarian transition in Thailand by Jonathan Rigg, Albert Salamanca, Monchai Phongsiri, Mattara Sripun

Impact of security expenditures in military alliances on violence from non-state actors: Evidence from India by Dhruv Gupta, Karthik Sriram

An analysis of the Extractive Industry Transparency Initiative implementation process by Päivi Lujala

Exposure to firewood: Consequences for health and labor force participation in Mexico by Omar Stabridis, Edwin van Gameren

Do special economic zones induce developmental spillovers? Evidence from India’s states by Meir Alkon

Developmental Reviews

Productive effects of public works programs: What do we know? What should we know? by Esther Gehrke, Renate Hartwig

DEA and SFA research on the efficiency of microfinance institutions: A meta-analysis by François Fall, Al-mouksit Akim, Harouna Wassongma

Special Section: Symposium on Secondary Towns and Poverty Reduction

Beyond dualism: Agricultural productivity, small towns, and structural change in Bangladesh by M. Shahe Emran, Forhad Shilpi

Small and medium cities and development of Mexican rural areas by Julio A. Berdegué, Isidro Soloaga

URL: https://www.sciencedirect.com/journal/world-development/vol/107/suppl/C

Courtesy: Sciencedirect


Economic and Political Weekly, Vol. 53, Issue No.18, 05 May 2018


Feeding Hungry Children

Selling India’s Natural Wealth

Karl Marx—‘Ruthless Criticism of All That Exists’
Margin Speak

Back to Barbarism by Anand Teltumbde

Calcutta Diary

Calcutta Diary by AM


Autonomy in Times of Crisis by Krishna Kumar

Americana and the March against Gun Culture by Vinay Lal

NITI Aayog’s ‘Three Year Action Agenda’ – What Is There for Education? by Protiva Kundu

Chinese Party–State under Xi Jinping by Alka Acharya

When the Fence Begins to Eat the Crop by Sujata Gothoskar


A Village in the Midst of a Forest Ecosystem by Subhashree Banerjee

Review Article
Union of Free Individuals or Political Despotism? – The Paradox Confronting Marxism by
Murzban Jal

Special Articles

From the Linear Model to Incremental Innovation Research and Industry in India by Nasir Tyabji

EWS Beds in Delhi – Private Profiteering on Public Sufferings by Siddheshwar Shukla


Taking Cringe Pop Seriously by Monika Hirmer

The Missing Minaret of Jama Masjid by Sumit Chaturvedi

Ecological Memory by Neha Sinha

Last Lines
Current Statistics

Current Statistics

EPW Engage

Draft Pesticide Management Bill is Out of Sync With the Agrarian Political Economy by Aniket Aga

India’s Data Protection Framework Will Need to Treat Privacy as a Social and Not Just an Individual Good by Amber Sinha

URL: http://www.epw.in/journal/2018/18

Courtesy: EPW

Feminist Review, Volume 117, Issue 1, November 2017


questions of presence(Pages 1-19) by Gail Lewis

dimensions of transnationalism(Pages 20-40) by Alyosxa Tudor

other mothers: encountering in/visible femininities in migration and urban contexts(Pages 41-55) by Agata Lisiak

what’s in a face?: Sara Baartman, the (post)colonial gaze and the case of Vénus Noire (2010) (Pages 56-78 ) by Mara Mattoscio

Slovenia’s socialist superwoman: feeding the family, nourishing the nation(Pages 79-96 ) by Tanja Kamin, Andreja Vezovnik

gendering markets, gendering food: women, law and markets in the New York City food system, 1800–1840 (Pages 97-112 ) by Jeremy Fisher

gendered politics of alienation and power restoration: Arab revolutions and women’s sentiments of loss and despair(Pages 113-130) by Afaf Jabiri

layer-cake figurations and hide-and-show resistance in Cambodia(Pages 131-147) by Mona Lilja

Open Space

feminism in transnational times, a conversation with Christine Delphy: an edited transcription of Christine Delphy and Sylvie Tissot’s public talk at the LSE (Pages 148-162) by Christine Delphy, Ilana Eloit, Clare Hemmings, Sylvie Tissot

contemporary feminist discourses and practices within and across boundaries: an interview with Avtar Brah (Pages 163-170) by Avtar Brah, Clelia Clini

on where to begin: Sheila Rowbotham’s Women, Resistance and Revolutionand anti-capitalist feminism today (Pages 171-177) by Kate Hardy

Farkhunda’s legacy: gender, identity, and shifting societal narratives in Afghanistan(Pages 178-185) by Farhana Rahman

the neo-liberal university and academic violence: the women’s studies quandary(Pages 186-192) by Sylvanna M. Falcón, Elizabeth Philipose

less ‘population’ talk, more kin-making: on Manchester’s B!RTH festival(Pages 193-199) by Sophie A. Lewis

becoming a mother: a response(Pages 200-201 ) by Julie Walsh

Book Reviews

listening to images(Pages 202-203) by Jacob Breslow

tongue of fire: Emma Goldman, public womanhood, and the sex question(Pages 204-205) by Clare Hemmings

queer postcolonial narratives and the ethics of witnessing(Pages 206-207) by Gráinne O’Connell

staying with the trouble: making kin in the Chthulucene(Pages 208-209) by Ingrid M. Hoofd

archipelago of care: filipino migrants and global networks(Pages 210-211) by Katharine Charsley

art labor, sex politics: feminist effects in 1970s British art and performance(Pages 212-213) by Harriet Curtis

love and war: how militarism shapes sexuality and romance(Pages 214-215) by Adán Campos Martínez

URL: https://link.springer.com/journal/41305/117/1/page/1

Courtesy: Springer

Journal of Labor Economics, Volume 36, Number 2, April 2018


College as Country Club: Do Colleges Cater to Students’ Preferences for Consumption?(pp. 309–348) by Brian Jacob, Brian McCall, Kevin Stange

Health at Birth, Parental Investments, and Academic Outcomes(pp. 349–394) by Prashant Bharadwaj, Juan Pedro Eberhard, Christopher A. Neilson

Returns to Education Quality for Low-Skilled Students: Evidence from a Discontinuity(pp. 395–436) by Serena Canaan, Pierre Mouganie

Sorting through Affirmative Action: Three Field Experiments in Colombia(pp. 437–478) by Marcela Ibanez, Gerhard Riener

Job Loss and Regional Mobility(pp. 479–509) by Kristiina Huttunen, Jarle Møen, Kjell G. Salvanes

More Dispersion, Higher Bonuses? On Differentiation in Subjective Performance Evaluations(pp. 511–549) by Patrick Kampkötter, Dirk Sliwka

Who Migrates and Why? Evidence from Italian Administrative Data(pp. 551–588) by Cristian Bartolucci, Claudia Villosio, Mathis Wagner

URL: https://www.journals.uchicago.edu/toc/jole/current

Courtesy: Uchicago

American Economic Review, Vol. 108, No. 3, March 2018


Just Starting Out: Learning and Equilibrium in a New Market(pp. 565-615) by Ulrich Doraszelski, GregoryLewis and Ariel Pakes

The “Pupil” Factory: Specialization and the Production of Human Capital in Schools(pp. 616-56) by Roland G. Fryer Jr.

Real Effects of Information Frictions: When the States and the Kingdom Became United(pp. 657-96) by Claudia Steinwender

Monetary Policy According to HANK(pp. 697-743) by Greg Kaplan, Benjamin Molland Giovanni L. Violante

A Model of Trading in the Art Market(pp. 744-74) by Stefano Lovo and ChristopheSpaenjers

How Does Household Income Affect Child Personality Traits and Behaviors?(pp. 775-827) by Randall Akee, WilliamCopeland, E. Jane Costello andEmilia Simeonova

Advertising and Risk Selection in Health Insurance Markets(pp. 828-67) by Naoki Aizawa and You Suk Kim

Disentangling the Effects of a Banking Crisis: Evidence from German Firms and Counties(pp. 868-98) by Kilian Huber

URL: https://www.aeaweb.org/issues/498

Courtesy: AEA

American Economic Journal: Economic Policy, Vol.10, No.1, February 2018


Under the Radar: The Effects of Monitoring Firms on Tax Compliance(pp. 1-38) by Miguel Almunia and DavidLopez-Rodriguez

Paternalism against Veblen: Optimal Taxation and Non-respected Preferences for Social Comparisons(pp. 39-76) by Thomas Aronsson and OlofJohansson-Stenman

The Effect of Prescription Drug Monitoring Programs on Opioid Utilization in Medicare(pp. 77-112) by Thomas C. Buchmueller andColleen Carey

Do Physicians Respond to the Costs and Cost-Sensitivity of Their Patients?(pp. 113-52) by Mariana Carrera, Dana P.Goldman, Geoffrey Joyce andNeeraj Sood

The Consequences of Health Care Privatization: Evidence from Medicare Advantage Exits(pp. 153-86) by Mark Duggan, JonathanGruber and Boris Vabson

Identifying the Harm of Manipulable School-Choice Mechanisms(pp. 214-39) by Umut Dur, Robert G.Hammond and Kai Gehring and Stephan A.Schneider

Moral Suasion and Economic Incentives: Field Experimental Evidence from Energy Demand(pp. 240-67) by Koichiro Ito, Takanori Ida andMakoto Tanaka

Do Restrictions on Home Equity Extraction Contribute to Lower Mortgage Defaults? Evidence from a Policy Discontinuity at the Texas Border(pp. 268-97) by Anil Kumar

Cheating and Incentives: Learning from a Policy Experiment(pp. 298-325) by César Martinelli, Susan W.Parker, Ana Cristina Pérez-Geaand Rodimiro Rodrigo

The Evolution of Physician Practice Styles: Evidence from Cardiologist Migration(pp. 326-56) by David Molitor

The Effect of Export Promotion on Firm-Level Performance(pp. 357-87) by Jakob Munch and GeorgSchaur

URL: https://www.aeaweb.org/issues/497

Courtesy: AEA

Journal of Economic Literature, Vol.56, No.1, March 2018


The Science of Monetary Policy: An Imperfect Knowledge Perspective(pp. 3-59) by Stefano Eusepi and BrucePreston

On the Determinants of Cooperation in Infinitely Repeated Games: A Survey(pp. 60-114) by Pedro Dal Bó and Guillaume R.Fréchette

Citations in Economics: Measurement, Uses, and Impacts(pp. 115-56) by Daniel S. Hamermesh

Empirical Work on Auctions of Multiple Objects(pp. 157-84) by Ali Hortaçsu and DavidMcAdams

Markets and Manipulation: Time for a Paradigm Shift?(pp. 185-205) by Kaushik Basu

A Review Essay on Howard Bodenhorn’s The Color Factor: The Economics of African-American Well-Being in the Nineteenth-Century South(pp. 206-16) by Allison Shertzer

Morality, Policy, and the Brain(pp. 217-33) by Aldo Rustichini

A Review Essay on Social Neuroscience: Can Research on the Social Brain and Economics Inform Each Other?(pp. 234-64) by Carlos Alós-Ferrer

URL: https://www.aeaweb.org/issues/499

Courtesy: AEA