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How to use K. N. Raj Library Content Alert Service

The Home page layout of this ‘Content Alert’ is in three columns.

The Left column will display the Calendar and Visits / Hits. Apart from this links to prominent web-sites are also provided for easy access. The links are grouped under broad categories such as Banks and Financial Institutions, Govt. Ministries and Department, Libraries and Archives, Organizations and Agencies, Research Institutions and Associations.

In the Centre column the posts are displayed. Each post contains the following: Title, Author, Summary/Abstract, URL, and Subject Category. The latest 10 posts are displayed.

In the Right column top provides the Archives of posts in a drop down format. Older posts can be read by searching the Archives. This is a system based archiving on a monthly basis, and provides a link to the same for easy retrieval. Below that the Categories of subjects are shown in drop-down list. To read the post(s), you can click the interested subject, the screen will refresh and the posts will appear in the Left column. Click on any post to read it in detail.

The facility to search the posts is provided on the top right side of the site. You can enter the search term and all posts having the matching term will be displayed below. Click on any post to read it in detail. The links to Facebook and Twitter pages of the library are provided right below the Search box.

The tabs to switch between different pages are provided on the top left side of the site. The page About provides a brief introduction to the library, and Contact Us helps the visitor to write to us their feedback.