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Study on Corporate Social Responsibility as Strategic Instrument for Creating Sustainable Corporate Brand Value: An Analysis with Structural Equation Modelling

Subhajit Bhattacharya and Arana Kaursar
Management and Labour Studies, 41(2), 2016
Corporate social responsibility (CSR) has become an essential element in the world of modern business. Corporate social responsibility has been made mandatory by the Government of India under an amendment of the Companies Act, 2013. Now, it is a dilemma whether CSR will be just restricted to the performance of government norms or it will contribute to the improvement of the corporate brand image. The present study is a thoughtful attempt to explore the relationship between CSR, social development, social trust and brand–society association through an analysis using structural equation modelling. The tested model of the current study also focuses on strategic CSR linkage to create a sustainable corporate brand value.
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Act Like a Retailer, Think Like a Brand: An Overview of Retailer Brand Equity and Agenda for Future Research in Indian Context

Asia-Pacific Journal of Management Research and Innovation,Volume 12, Issue 1, March 2016
There exists a vast body of literature on brand equity (BE). In comparison, research on its application to retailers is scarce and more recent. This review brings together strands from the fragmented literature on BE of retailers. Active research on retailer’s equity began only in the recent decade, though earlier scholars have hinted at the existence of the phenomenon previously. Therefore, conceptualisation of retail equity is still in want of consensus. This article synthesises empirical evidence on operationalisation of retailer brand equity (RBE), validation of its frameworks and its antecedent–consequent relationships. We reviewed 160 BE-related papers, a majority of which focused on retail brands. The more relevant of these research articles were published during the years 2003–2014. Results of these researches have been distilled into an integrative model for RBE.
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