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American Journal of Sociology, Volume 123, Number 1, July 2017



Democracy of Credit: Ownership and the Politics of Credit Access in Late Twentieth-Century America bGreta R. Krippner
“The Miracles of Bookkeeping”: How Budget Politics Link Fiscal Policies and Financial Markets by Sarah Quinn
From Legal Doctrine to Social Transformation? Comparing U.S. Voting Rights, Equal Employment Opportunity, and Fair Housing Legislation by Nicholas PedrianaRobin Stryker
Matching Genotype and Phenotype: A Pragmatist Semiotic Analysis of Clinical Exome Sequencing by Stefan Timmermans
Does Consumer Demand Reproduce Inequality? High-Income Consumers, Vertical Differentiation, and the Wage Structure by Nathan Wilmers
he Price of Admission: Organizational Deference as Strategic Behavior by Julien JourdanRodolphe DurandPatricia H. Thornton


Emotional Dynamics and Emotional Domination Drive The Microtrajectory of Moments of Collective Contingency: Comment On Ermakoff by Randall Collins
Emotions, Cognition, and Collective Alignment: A Response to Collins by Ivan Ermakoff


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