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Journal of Public Economics Volume 150, June 2017



Growth and inequality in public good provision by Simon Gächter, Friederike Mengel, Elias Tsakas, Alexander Vostroknutov

The general equilibrium impacts of unemployment insurance: Evidence from a large online job board by Ioana Marinescu

Using raffles to fund public goods: Lessons from a field experiment by Jeffrey Carpenter, Peter Hans Matthews

Knowledge, power, and self-interest by Bernhard Kittel, Georg Kanitsar, Stefan Traub

The effectiveness of incomplete and overlapping pollution regulation: Evidence from bans on phosphate in automatic dishwasher detergent by Alex Cohen, David A. Keiser

The value of socialized medicine: The impact of universal primary healthcare provision on mortality rates in Turkey by Resul Cesur, Pınar Mine Güneş, Erdal Tekin, Aydogan Ulker

URL: http://www.sciencedirect.com/science/journal/00472727/150?sdc=1

Courtesy: Sciencedirect

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