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Finance India, Vol.XXXI, No.2, 2017



Theory of land and efficient land markets through real estate exchange by J D Agarwal, Manju Agarwal, Aman Agarwal and Yamini Agarwal 

Do S&P CNX Nifty options lead underlying Nifty in price discovery by V D M V Lakshmi and Medha Joshi

Dynamic relationship between foreign institutional investments and movements in Indian stock market by Ashish Varughese and Tomy Mathew

Infrastructure development in the border and non border districts of Punjab : A comparative analysis  by Kamini Khanna

The volatality measure significance in stock valuation by Nageswara Rao and S S Prasada Rao

Portfolio diversification with hedge funds: An application of Black – Litterman model by Himanshu Gupta

Effect of divided policy on share holder’s wealth: A study of IT and banking industry in  India by Minimol M C and Dennis Varughese

Advanced risk profile analysis of Islamic equity investment : Evidence from the American , Asian and European market by Mondher Bellalah and Zineb Chayeh and Hela Miniaoui

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