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Social Change, Volume 47, Issue 2, June 2017



The Continuing Debate on the ‘Annihilation of Caste’: Understanding Tensions Between Ambedkarites and Communists by 

Body, Habit, Custom and Labour by 
Fissures of a Blue Revolution: The Ramponkars’ Response to Mechanised Fishing in Goa by 
Inequality, Sufficiency and Sustainability of Urban Drinking Water in Uttar Pradesh
Legislation to Practice: An Analysis of Domestic Violence Cases from Kerala’s Lower Courts by 
Evolving Patterns of Child Sex Ratio in India by 
Touts and the Control of Facilities in ‘Bleeding’ Harare: A Theoretical Explanation of the Dynamics of Corruption in an African City by 
Seminar Report
Indian Perspectives on Social Sector Issues and Sustainable Development Goals by 
Book Reviews
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