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Signs , Volume 42, Number 4, 2017

Trans, Feminism: Or, Reading like a Depressed Transsexual by Cameron Awkward-Rich
The Family Politics of the Federation of South African Women: A History of Public Motherhood in Women’s Antiracist Activism: Winner of the 2017 Catharine Stimpson Prize for Outstanding Feminist Scholarship by Meghan Healy-Clancy


Enacting/Disrupting the Will to Empower: Feminist Governance of “Child Marriage” in Eastern India by Srila Roy
Hymenoplasty, Virginity Testing, and the Simulacrum of Female Respectability by L. L. WynnSaffaa Hassanein
Conditions of Visibility: Trauma and Contemporary Israeli Women’s Cinema by Raz Yosef
Mediating Rape: The Nirbhaya Effect in the Creative and Digital Arts by Raminder Kaur
Wild at Heart: How Sociobiology and Evolutionary Psychology Helped Influence the Construction of Heterosexual Masculinity in American Evangelicalism by Myrna Perez Sheldon


Celebrity Feminism: More than a Gateway by Janell Hobson


Surveying the Singles Beat by Kate Bolick
Ain’t We All Women? by Rebecca Carroll
It’s Great to Be Young by Nancy F. Cott
The Urgent Need for a Singles Studies Discipline by Bella DePaulo
Great Stories about Ladies without Partners by Barbara J. Risman
Our Work Is Never Done by Judith Stacey
A Response by Rebecca Traister
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The Quarterly Journal of Economics, Volume 132, Issue 2, May 2017


Exporting and Firm Performance: Evidence from a Randomized Experiment by David AtkinAmit K. KhandelwalAdam Osman

Fiscal Policy and Debt Management with Incomplete Markets  by Anmol BhandariDavid EvansMikhail GolosovThomas J. Sargent

Technological Innovation, Resource Allocation, and Growth  by Leonid KoganDimitris PapanikolaouAmit SeruNoah Stoffman

Credit Expansion and Neglected Crash Risk  by Matthew BaronWei Xiong

Financial Crises and Risk Premia by Tyler Muir

Labor Markets and Poverty in Village Economies by Oriana BandieraRobin BurgessNarayan DasSelim GulesciImran Rasul …

Leveraging Lotteries for School Value-Added: Testing and Estimation by Joshua D. AngristPeter D. HullParag A. PathakChristopher R. Walters

Multinational Firms and International Business Cycle Transmission by Javier CravinoAndrei A. Levchenko

Smart and Illicit: Who Becomes an Entrepreneur and Do They Earn More? by Ross LevineYona Rubinstein

Naïveté-Based Discrimination by Paul HeidhuesBotond Kőszegi

The Journal of Development Studies: Vol 53, No 7, 2017


“Macroeconomic Perspectives on Aid” guest edited by Tony Addison, Oliver Morrissey and Finn Tarp


Health Policy and Planning, Volume 32, Issue 6, July, 2017


Evaluating the effects of organizational and educational interventions on adherence to clinical practice guidelines in a low-resource primary-care setting in Kenya by Joseph R EggerKayla StankevitzRobert KoromPhilip AngwenyiBrittney Sullivan …

Barriers and facilitators for institutional delivery among poor Mesoamerican women: a cross-sectional study by Bernardo HernandezDanny V. ColombaraMarielle C. GagnierSima S. DesaiAnnie Haakenstad …

Expenditure tracking and review of reproductive maternal, newborn and child health policy in Pakistan by Muhammad Ashar MalikAbdul Sattar NahyounArjumand RizviZaid Ahmad BhattiZulfiqar Ahmad Bhutta

Analysis of dropout across the continuum of maternal health care in Tanzania: findings from a cross-sectional household survey by Diwakar MohanAmnesty E LeFevreAsha GeorgeRose MpembeniEva Bazant …

Impact of high-intensity polio eradication activities on children’s routine immunization status in Northern India by Marco J Haenssgen

Rural retention of new medical graduates from the Collaborative Project to Increase Production of Rural Doctors (CPIRD): a 12-year retrospective study by Win TechakehakijRajin Arora

Understanding public perception of the need for major change in Latin American healthcare systems by Ricardo Pérez-CuevasFrederico C. GuanaisSvetlana V. DoubovaLeonardo PinzónLuis Tejerina …

A qualitative study of the determinants of HIV guidelines implementation in two south-eastern districts of Tanzania by Mary N MwangomeEveline GeubbelsAlison WringeJim ToddPaul Klatser …

Banning shisha smoking in public places in Iran: an advocacy coalition framework perspective on policy process and change by Akram Khayatzadeh-MahaniEric BretonArne RuckertRonald Labonté

From favours to entitlements: community voice and action and health service quality in Zambia byMarta SchaafStephanie M. ToppMoses Ngulube

Performance-based financing: the same is different by Dimitri RenmansNathalie HolvoetBart CrielBruno Meessen

Cost-effectiveness analysis and mortality impact estimation of scaling-up pregnancy test kits in Madagascar, Ethiopia and Malawi by Robert J. KolesarMartine AudibertAlison B. Comfort

Distrusting community health workers with confidential health information: a convergent mixed-methods study in Swaziland by Pascal GeldsetzerMaria VaikathJan-Walter De NeveThomas J BossertSibusiso Sibandze …


Ethics of health policy and systems research: a scoping review of the literature by Bridget PrattAmy PaulAdnan A HyderJoseph Ali

Health system functionality in a low-income country in the midst of conflict: the case of Yemen by Naseeb QirbiSharif A Ismail

The Economic Journal, Volume 127, Issue 602, June 2017


Australian Economic Papers, Volume 56, Issue 2, June 2017


Optimal Sovereign Debt for an Overdebted Country (pages 95–118)Basil Dalamagas and Stefanos Tantos

Social Change, Volume 47, Issue 2, June 2017


The Continuing Debate on the ‘Annihilation of Caste’: Understanding Tensions Between Ambedkarites and Communists by 

Body, Habit, Custom and Labour by 
Fissures of a Blue Revolution: The Ramponkars’ Response to Mechanised Fishing in Goa by 
Inequality, Sufficiency and Sustainability of Urban Drinking Water in Uttar Pradesh
Legislation to Practice: An Analysis of Domestic Violence Cases from Kerala’s Lower Courts by 
Evolving Patterns of Child Sex Ratio in India by 
Touts and the Control of Facilities in ‘Bleeding’ Harare: A Theoretical Explanation of the Dynamics of Corruption in an African City by 
Seminar Report
Indian Perspectives on Social Sector Issues and Sustainable Development Goals by 
Book Reviews
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