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Journal Journal of Economic Issues, Volume 51, Issue 2, 2017

The Veblen-Commons Award

Presidential Address
The 2017 James Street Scholar

International Migration Review, Volume 51, Issue 2, 2017



Tu Casa, Mi Casa: Naturalization and Belonging among Latino Immigrants (pages 291–322)Maria Abascal

The Political Effects of Immigrant Naturalization (pages 323–343)Alex Street


Between the Public and the State: The Shipping Lobby’s Strategies against US Immigration Restrictions 1882–1917 (pages 344–374)Torsten Feys

Venues and Filters in Managed Migration Policy: The Case of the United Kingdom(pages 375–415)Sam Scott


The Influence of Attitudes toward Immigrants on International Migration (pages 416–451)Cédric Gorinas and Mariola Pytliková

Migration and the Currency Denomination of Trade (pages 452–474)Luigi Ventura and Mark David Witte

Immigrant Occupational Composition and the Earnings of Immigrants and Natives in Germany: Sorting or Devaluation? (pages 475–505)Boris Heizmann, Anne Busch-Heizmann and Elke Holst

Labor Force Participation of Immigrant Women in the Netherlands: Do Traditional Partners Hold Them Back? (pages 506–541)Yassine Khoudja and Fenella Fleischmann

Mother Tongue, Host Country Earnings, and Return Migration: Evidence from Cross-National Administrative Records (pages 542–564)Jan Saarela and Kirk Scott


URL: http://onlinelibrary.wiley.com/doi/10.1111/imre.2017.51.issue-2/issuetoc

Courtesy: Wiley online library

Feminist Economics ,Volume 23, Issue 3, 2017


A Special Issue on Sex Work and Trafficking


Contributions to Indian Sociology, Volume 51, Issue 2, June 2017


Unfree labour after the Maoist Revolution in western Nepal by 

The cultural politics of wages: Ethnography of construction work in Kochi, India by 

Understanding prisons’ inner organisation: An ethnographic study in Nepal by 

Lost worlds: Perspectives of decline among Shias of Hyderabad old city by 

China Report, Volume 53, Issue 2, May 2017

I Guest Editor’s Introduction

India and China in Asia by 

II Articles
China’s ‘One Belt One Road’ Strategy: Opportunity or Challenge for India? by 
The Making of One Belt, One Road and Dilemmas in South Asia by 
If You Can’t Beat ’em, Join ’em:Shaping India’s Response to China’s ‘Belt and Road’ Gambit by 
China–India Relations under Modi: Playing with Fire by 
Beyond Soft Power: Cultural Power from India and China Today through Film by 
Some Thoughts on India, China and Asia-Pacific Regional Security by 
Institutional Distances and Economic Engagement Between India and China by 
OBOR and EuroAsia’s New Great Game by 
III Comment
India, China & Asia: New Connections and Possibilities—Is Australia a Part of Asia? by 
Changing Dynamics in India–China Relations by 
IV Review Essay
Re-imagining the Silk Road: The Emperor Far Away: Travels at the Edge of China by David Eimer Imperial China and Its Southern Neighbours by Victor H. Mair and Liam C. Kelley The World of the Tamil Merchant: Pioneers of International Trade by Kanakalatha Mukund and Caravans: Indian Merchants on the Silk Road by Scott C. Levi by 
V Book Reviews
Courtesy: Sage

Journal of Health Management, Volume 19, Issue 2, June 2017


Lean Six Sigma in Health Operations:Challenges and Opportunities—‘Nirvana for Operational Efficiency in Hospitals in a Resource Limited Settings’ by 

Concern and Maintenance During Twilight Years:Perception and Observation of Elderly Towards the Younger Generation in Rural Odisha by 
Humanization in a Hospital:A Change Process Integrating Individual, Organizational and Social Dimensions by 
Determinants Perception and Experiences of Beneficiaries of a Hospital-based Community Health Insurance in Coastal Karnataka in India by 
Cost-effectiveness of the Yashoda Programme: A Facility-based Mother and Newborn Support Intervention in India by 
Proactive Coping, Time Perspective and Life Satisfaction:A Study on Emerging Adulthood by 
Cost Accounting in Public Hospitals in Poland:Usefulness for Internal and External Purposes by 
Why Members Dropout? An Evaluation of Factors Affecting Renewal in Micro Health Insurance by 
Developing a Scale to Measure Obstetric and Gynaecology Professionals’ Attitudes towards Medical Termination of Pregnancy and Emergency Contraception Services, Kerala, India by 
Influence of Spousal Communication about Family Planning and HIV/AIDS-related Issues on Modern Contraceptive Use in Nigeria by 
Analysis of Infant Mortality Rate in Indian States: A Policy Paradigm for Attaining Overall Health Improvement by 
Communication Protocols in Public Health: A Case Study of Vector-borne Diseases by 
Students Seeking Health-related Information over Internet: An Empirical Study by 

Are some cultures more favourable for social entrepreneurship than others?

Irena Kedmenec & Sebastjan Strašek
Economic Research-Ekonomska Istraživanja, 2017. (Open Access)

The goal of this paper is to examine whether certain national cultural dimensions facilitate or hamper social entrepreneurship. The paper offers a conceptualisation of the possible associations between Hofstede’s cultural dimensions and social entrepreneurial activity as defined by the Global Entrepreneurship Monitor, along with its empirical testing across more than 40 countries around the world. Based on correlation analysis that was controlled for the countries’ level of economic development, there appears to be a negative association between the national power distance level and social entrepreneurial activity. In addition, the rate of young social entrepreneurial ventures is associated with lower levels of masculinity. The cultural dimensions of individualism and uncertainty avoidance have no direct linear association with social entrepreneurial activities of any kind. In factor-driven economies, lower levels of masculinity appear to support the development of social entrepreneurship. On the other hand, in innovation-driven economies, social entrepreneurial ventures emerge more often in those cultures characterised by short-term orientation and indulgence.

url – http://www.tandfonline.com/doi/full/10.1080/1331677X.2017.1355251
courtesy – T&F