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World Development Volume 94, June 2017



Special Section: Natural Disaster, Poverty, and Development

Natural Disaster, Poverty, and Development

Yasuyuki Sawada, Yoshito Takasaki

Natural Disaster, Poverty, and Development: An Introduction by Yasuyuki Sawada, Yoshito Takasaki

Do Natural Disasters Affect the Poor Disproportionately? Price Change and Welfare Impact in the Aftermath of Typhoon Milenyo in the Rural Philippines byYoko Sakai, Jonna P. Estudillo, Nobuhiko Fuwa, Yuki Higuchi, Yasuyuki Sawada

Self-Production, Friction, and Risk Sharing against Disasters: Evidence from a Developing Country by Yasuyuki Sawada, Hiroyuki Nakata, Tomoaki Kotera

Benefiting From Disaster? Public and Private Responses to the Wenchuan Earthquake by Albert Park, Sangui Wang

Household-Level Recovery after Floods in a Tribal and Conflict-Ridden Society by Takashi Kurosaki

Post-disaster Informal Risk Sharing Against Illness by Yoshito Takasaki

Do Natural Disasters Decrease the Gender Gap in Schooling? by Yoshito Takasaki

Trust, Risk, and Time Preferences After a Natural Disaster: Experimental Evidence from Thailand by Alessandra Cassar, Andrew Healy, Carl von Kessler

The 1960 Tsunami in Hawaii: Long-Term Consequences of a Coastal Disaster by John Lynham, Ilan Noy, Jonathan Page

Welfare Impacts of Index Insurance in the Presence of a Poverty Trap by Sommarat Chantarat, Andrew G. Mude, Christopher B. Barrett, Calum G. Turvey


The Demand for Microinsurance: A Literature Review by Jean-Philippe Platteau, Ombeline De Bock, Wouter Gelade

Regular Papers

Disaster, Aid, and Preferences: The Long-run Impact of the Tsunami on Giving in Sri Lanka by Leonardo Becchetti, Stefano Castriota, Pierluigi Conzo

The Impact of Rural Electric Access on Deforestation Rates by Andrew M. Tanner, Alison L. Johnston

Do Democracies Provide Better Education? Revisiting the Democracy–Human Capital Link by Sirianne Dahlum, Carl Henrik Knutsen

Impacts of Migration and Remittances on Ethnic Income Inequality in Rural China by Anthony Howell

The Paradox of Plenty: A Meta-Analysis by Magali Dauvin, David Guerreiro

Changes Over Time in Multidimensional Poverty: Methodology and Results for 34 Countries by Sabina Alkire, José Manuel Roche, Ana Vaz

Formal and Informal Interests of Donors to Allocate Aid: Spending Patterns of USAID, GIZ, and EU Forest Development Policy in Bangladesh by Md Saifur Rahman, Lukas Giessen

Regional Perspectives on the Multidimensional Poverty Index by Atika Pasha

The Social Implications of Technology Diffusion: Uncovering the Unintended Consequences of People’s Health-Related Mobile Phone Use in Rural India and China by Marco J. Haenssgen, Proochista Ariana

Grain Price and Volatility Transmission from International to Domestic Markets in Developing Countries by Francisco Ceballos, Manuel A. Hernandez, Nicholas Minot, Miguel Robles

Women’s Political Empowerment: A New Global Index, 1900–2012 by Aksel Sundström, Pamela Paxton, Yi-Ting Wang, Staffan I. Lindberg

Critical Capacity Development: An Action Research Approach in Coastal Brazil by Erika Bockstael

Weather Shocks and Agricultural Commercialization in Colonial Tropical Africa: Did Cash Crops Alleviate Social Distress? by Kostadis J. Papaioannou, Michiel de Haas

Least-Developed Countries in a World of Global Value Chains: Are WTO Trade Negotiations Helping? by Daniel Flentø, Stefano Ponte

Characterizing social networks and their effects on income diversification in rural Kerala, India by Judit Johny, Bruno Wichmann, Brent M. Swallow

Pathways to Better Project Delivery: The Link Between Capacity Factors and Urban Infrastructure Projects in India by Yehyun An, Michael J. Garvin, Ralph P. Hall

Property Tax Revenues and Multidimensional Poverty Reduction in Colombia: A Spatial Approach byJuan Mauricio Ramírez, Yadira Díaz, Juan Guillermo Bedoya

Effectiveness of Active Labor Market Tools in Conditional Cash Transfers Programs: Evidence for Argentina by Elva López Mourelo, Verónica Escudero

How Important is Parental Education for Child Nutrition? by Harold Alderman, Derek D. Headey

Modeling Preference and Willingness to Pay for Drought Tolerance (DT) in Maize in Rural Zimbabwe by Girma T. Kassie, Awudu Abdulai, William H. Greene, Bekele Shiferaw, Tsedeke Abate, Amsal Tarekegne, Chloe Sutcliffe

Qualitative and Quantitative Evidence on the True Local Welfare Costs of Forest Conservation in Madagascar: Are Discrete Choice Experiments a Valid ex ante Tool? by O. Sarobidy Rakotonarivo, Jette B. Jacobsen, Helle O. Larsen, Julia P.G. Jones, Martin R. Nielsen, Bruno S. Ramamonjisoa, Rina H. Mandimbiniaina, Neal Hockley

Ecological Restoration and Livelihood: Contribution of Planted Mangroves as Nursery and Habitat for Artisanal and Commercial Fishery by Saudamini Das

URL: http://www.sciencedirect.com/science/journal/0305750X/94?sdc=1

Courtesy: Sciencedirect

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