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World Development Volume 93, May 2017



Urban Governance and the Politics of Climate change by Vanesa Castán Broto


Money Flows, Water Trickles: Understanding Patterns of Decentralized Water Provision in Tanzania by Ruth D. Carlitz

Ethnic Integration and Development in China by Enze Han, Christopher Paik

Soil Properties, Crop Yield, and Economics Under Integrated Crop Management Practices in Karnataka, Southern India by Suhas P. Wani, K.H. Anantha, Kaushal K. Garg

Using National Statistics to Increase Transparency of Large Land Acquisition: Evidence from Ethiopia by Daniel Ayalew Ali, Klaus Deininger, Anthony Harris

Linking Economic Complexity, Institutions, and Income Inequality by Dominik Hartmann, Miguel R. Guevara, Cristian Jara-Figueroa, Manuel Aristarán, César A. Hidalgo

Enabling Mini-Grid Development in Rural India by Stephen D. Comello, Stefan J. Reichelstein, Anshuman Sahoo, Tobias S. Schmidt

Does Local Development Influence Outmigration Decisions? Evidence from Indonesia by Smriti Tiwari

Understanding and Resolving Conflict Between Local Communities and Conservation Authorities in Colombia by K. De Pourcq, E. Thomas, B. Arts, A. Vranckx, T. Léon-Sicard, P. Van Damme

Vulnerability to Cumulative Hazards: Coping with the Coffee Leaf Rust Outbreak, Drought, and Food Insecurity in Nicaragua by Christopher M. Bacon, William A. Sundstrom, Iris T. Stewart, David Beezer

Inequality Between and Within Skill Groups: The Curious Case of India by Manisha Goel

The Role of Accountants in Indian Self-Help Groups: A Trade-off between Financial and Non-Financial Benefits by Lore Vandewalle

Exploring “The Remote” and “The Rural”: Open Defecation and Latrine Use in Uttarakhand, India by Kathleen O’Reilly, Richa Dhanju, Abhineety Goel

Transforming or Reproducing Conventional Socioeconomic Relations? Introducing a Regulationist Framework for the Assessment of Fairtrade by Juan Ignacio Staricco

Oil Palm Adoption, Household Welfare, and Nutrition Among Smallholder Farmers in Indonesia by Michael Euler, Vijesh Krishna, Stefan Schwarze, Hermanto Siregar, Matin Qaim

Fiscal Federalism at Work? Central Responses to Internal Migration in India by Rikhil R. Bhavnani, Bethany Lacina

Improving Population and Poverty Estimates with Citizen Surveys: Evidence from East Africa by Roy Carr-Hill

Mind the Gap: Analyzing the Impact of Data Gap in Millennium Development Goals’ (MDGs) Indicators on the Progress toward MDGs by Arun Jacob

What Drives China’s New Agricultural Subsidies? by Rigoberto A. Lopez, Xi He, Eleonora De Falcis

The Importance of Manufacturing in Economic Development: Has This Changed? by Nobuya Haraguchi, Charles Fang Chin Cheng, Eveline Smeets

Unconditional Cash Transfers in China: Who Benefits from the Rural Minimum Living Standard Guarantee (Dibao) Program? by Jennifer Golan, Terry Sicular, Nithin Umapathi

Property Rights Regimes and Natural Resources: A Conceptual Analysis Revisited by Thomas Sikor, Jun He, Guillaume Lestrelin

Social Capital and Its Contingent Value in Poverty Reduction: Evidence from Western China by Yanlong Zhang, Xiaoyu Zhou, Wei Lei

Borrowing Money, Exchanging Relationships: Making Microfinance Fit into Local Lives in Kumaon, India by Rachael Goodman

Biopolitics Gone to Shit? State Narratives versus Everyday Realities of Water and Sanitation in the Mekong Delta by Panagiota Kotsila, V. Subramanian Saravanan

Participatory Uses of Geospatial Technologies to Leverage Multiple Knowledge Systems within Development Contexts: A Case Study from the Peruvian Amazon by Jason Young, Michael Gilmore

Who are the World’s Food Insecure? New Evidence from the Food and Agriculture Organization’s Food Insecurity Experience Scale by Michael D. Smith, Matthew P. Rabbitt, Alisha Coleman- Jensen

Escaping and Falling into Poverty in India Today by Amit Thorat, Reeve Vanneman, Sonalde Desai, Amaresh Dubey

The Impact of Payments for Environmental Services on Communal Lands: An Analysis of the Factors Driving Household Land-Use Behavior in Ecuador by Tanya Hayes, Felipe Murtinho, Hendrik Wolff

When Does Economic Growth Improve Life Satisfaction? Multilevel Analysis of the Roles of Social Trust and Income Inequality in 46 Countries, 1981–2012 by Malgorzata Mikucka, Francesco Sarracino, Joshua K. Dubrow

URL: http://www.sciencedirect.com/science/journal/0305750X/93?sdc=1

Courtesy: Sciencedirect

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