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Journal of International Economics Volume 107, July 2017



To bi, or not to bi? Differences between spillover estimates from bilateral and multilateral multi-country models by Georgios Georgiadis

The impact of export promotion on export market entry by Annette Broocks, Johannes Van Biesebroeck

On the comparative advantage of U.S. manufacturing: Evidence from the shale gas revolution by Rabah Arezki, Thiemo Fetzer, Frank Pisch

Skill acquisition and the dynamics of trade-induced inequality by Eliav Danziger

Identifying FDI spillovers by Yi Lu, Zhigang Tao, Lianming Zhu

Default premium by Luis A.V. Catão, Rui C. Mano

International trade, risk and the role of banks by Friederike Niepmann, Tim Schmidt-Eisenlohr

Exchange rate forecasting with DSGE models by Michele Ca’ Zorzi, Marcin Kolasa, Michał Rubaszek

The effects of domestic merger on exports: A case study of the 1998 Korean automobile industry

Hiroshi Ohashi, Yuta Toyama

External balances, trade and financial conditions by Martin D.D. Evans

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