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European Economic Review, Volume 95, June 2017



Impact of pension system structure on international financial capital allocation by James Staveley-O’Carroll, Olena M. Staveley-O’Carroll

Heterogeneous risk/loss aversion in complete information all-pay auctions by Zhuoqiong (Charlie) Chen, David Ong, Ella Segev

Managing innovation: Optimal incentive contracts for delegated R&D with double moral hazard by Joaquín Poblete, Daniel Spulber

Dissecting fiscal multipliers under the fiscal theory of the price level by Peder Beck-Friis, Tim Willems

Collusion and information revelation in auctions by bAniol Llorente-Saguer, Ro’i Zultan

De-targeting: Advertising an assortment of products to loss-averse consumers by Heiko Karle, Martin Peitz

Capital regulation and the macroeconomy: Empirical evidence and macroprudential policy by Roland Meeks

Habit formation in consumption: A meta-analysis by Tomas Havranek, Marek Rusnak, Anna Sokolova

Benefits to elite schools and the expected returns to education: Evidence from Mexico City by Ricardo Estrada, Jérémie Gignoux

Job security and long-term investment: An experimental analysis by Gary Charness, Ramón Cobo-Reyes, Natalia Jiménez, Juan A. Lacomba, Francisco Lagos

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