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European Economic Review Volume 94, May 2017



I paid a bribe: An experiment on information sharing and extortionary corruption by Dmitry Ryvkin, Danila Serra, James Tremewan

Private eradication of mobile public bads by Christopher Costello, Nicolas Quérou, Agnes Tomini

The climate challenge for agriculture and the value of climate services: Application to coffee-farming in Peru by Filippo Lechthaler, Alexandra Vinogradova

Multi-product offshoring by Carsten Eckel, Michael Irlacher

Communication structure and coalition-proofness – Experimental evidence by Gilles Grandjean, Marco Mantovani, Ana Mauleon, Vincent Vannetelbosch

Nominal targeting in an economy with government debt by Yuting Bai, Tatiana Kirsanova, Campbell Leith

Why don’t poor countries do R&D? Varying rates of factor returns across the development process by Edwin Goñi, William F. Maloney

The nature of social learning: Experimental evidence by tefan P. Penczynski

Cross-border acquisitions and restructuring: Multinational enterprises and private equity-firms by Selva Bahar Baziki, Pehr-Johan Norbäck, Lars Persson, Joacim Tåg

On discounting and voting in a simple growth model by Kirill Borissov, Mikhail Pakhnin, Clemens Puppe

Import and innovation: Evidence from Chinese firms by Zhiyuan Chen, Jie Zhang, Wenping Zheng

A dynamic model of open source vs proprietary R&D by Antonio Tesoriere, Luigi Balletta

The endowment effect in games by Michalis Drouvelis, Joep Sonnemans

Climate change policy under polar amplification byW. Brock, A. Xepapadeas

URL: http://www.sciencedirect.com/science/journal/00142921/94?sdc=1

Courtesy: Sciencedirect

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