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Agricultural Economics Research Review , Volume-30, Issue-1 (January-June) 2017


Presidential Address

Food and nutrition security in India: The way forward
Praduman Kumar

Research Articles

Tracking transition in calorie-intake among Indian households: Insights and policy implications
S.K. Srivastava, Ramesh Chand

Economic analysis of farming systems: Capturing the systemic aspects
C.A. Rama Rao, B.M.K. Raju, Josily Samuel, Ravi Dupdal, P. Sudhakar Reddy, D. Yella Reddy, E. Ravindranath, M. Rajeshwar, Ch. Srinivasa Rao

Trade-offs between non-farm income and on-farm soil and water conservation investments of smallholder farmers in the semi-arid tropics of India
S. Nedumaran, Naveen P. Singh

Spatial and temporal diversity in adoption of modern wheat varieties in India
S. Pavithra, Surabhi Mittal, S.A. Bhat, P.S. Birthal, S.A. Shah, Vinod K. Hariharan

Economics and Institutional Aspects of Protected Cultivation of Carnation in Himachal Pradesh
Bhoopesh Punera, Suresh Pal, Girish K. Jha, Pramod Kumar

Externalities of pesticide application on apple in Kashmir valley
S.H. Baba, H.A. Malik, S.A. Mir, Yawar Hamid, M.M. Kachroo

Adoption of milk safety measures and its impact on milk acceptance by buyers in Nepal
Prabin Dongol, Ganesh Thapa, Anjani Kumar

Agricultural trade potential between India and ASEAN: An application of gravity model
V.R. Renjini, Amit Kar, G.K. Jha, Pramod Kumar, R.R. Burman, K.V. Praveen

Fish farmers development agencies and farmers empowerment: An impact assessment study in Uttar Pradesh
Pooja Gautam, P.S. Ananthan, M. Krishnan

Estimating agricultural sustainability in Gujarat using sustainable livelihood security index
Mahima Gopal Ghabru, Ganga Devi, Ritambhara Singh

Consumers’ buying behaviour towards organic food products in Tamil Nadu
B. Krishnakumare, S. Niranjan

Growth performance of major vegetable crops in Gujarat state
Daya Suvagiya, V.C. Shilpa, Shah Parth, N.J. Ardeshna

Forestry-based livelihood diversification strategy for socio-economic development of tribes in Jharkhand
M.A. Islam, S.M.S. Quli

Pesticide consumption in India: A spatiotemporal analysis
P. Indira Devi, Judy Thomas, Rajesh K. Raju

Research Note

Resource productivity of rice cultivation in Tripura: A spatial analysis
Pallab Debnath, Ram Singh, S.M. Feroze, Lala I.P. Ray

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