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Daily Archives: July 17, 2017


Journal of Money, Credit and Banking, Volume 49, Issue 4, June 2017



Journal of Family Theory & Review, Volume 9, Issue 2, June 2017


From the Book Review Editor: Reviewing Fiction (pages 147–149)Áine M. Humble

Original Voices

A Personal Social History of a Typology of Intimate Partner Violence (pages 150–164)Michael P. Johnson

Review Articles

Understanding Parent Reactions to Coming Out as Lesbian, Gay, or Bisexual: A Theoretical Framework (pages 165–181)

Alison J. Chrisler

Ethnic-Racial Socialization and the Mental Health of African Americans: A Critical Review (pages 182–200)

Jamila E. Reynolds and Melinda A. Gonzales-Backen

Journal of Economic Issues, Volume 51, issue 1, 2017


Journal of Applied Econometrics, Volume 32, Issue 4, June/July 2017


Density Forecasts With Midas Models (pages 783–801)Knut Are Aastveit, Claudia Foroni and Francesco Ravazzolo

International Economic Review, Volume 58, Issue 2, May 2017


WHEN AND HOW THE PUNISHMENT MUST FIT THE CRIME (pages 315–330)George J. Mailath, Volker Nocke and Lucy White

Journal of Human Development and Capabilities, Volume 18, Issue 2, 2017

Special Issue on Social Innovation for Human Development


Feminist Review, Volume 115, Issue 115, March 2017 – Methods


the wherewithal of feminist methods by Yasmin Gunaratnam,

vulnerable writing as a feminist methodological practice Tiffany PagePages 13 – 293.

 Courtesy: Springer