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The Journal of Asian Studies, Volume 76 – Issue 2 – May 2017



The Anniversary of a Massacre and the Death of a Monarch by Tyrell Haberkorn

Pork-Barrel Politics and Electoral Reform: Explaining the Curious Differences in the Experiences of Thailand and Japan by Ray ChristensenJoel Sawat Selway

From Yomihon to Gôkan: Repetition and Difference in Late Edo Book Culture by James R. Reichert

Reading and Writing Material: Kōda Aya’s Kimono and Its Afterlife by Michiko Suzuki

Commentary: Science, Politics, and Risk: Catastrophic Asia from the Perspective of a Brazilianist Anthropologist by Donna M. Goldstein

Commentary: On the Possibilities of Transdisciplinary Asian Studies by Emily T. Yeh

URL: https://www.cambridge.org/core/journals/journal-of-asian-studies/issue/16027F3FBCA93FF1F56AB2D4234A5585?sort=canonical.position%3Aasc&pageNum=1&searchWithinIds=16027F3FBCA93FF1F56AB2D4234A5585&productType=JOURNAL_ARTICLE&template=cambridge-core%2Fjournal%2Farticle-listings%2Flistings-wrapper&hideArticleJournalMetaData=true&displayNasaAds=false

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