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Economic and Political Weekly, Vol. 52, Issue No. 25-26, 24 Jun, 2017


Politics of Hysteria

Why Junaid’s Murder Matters

Freedom behind Bars

From 50 Years Ago

From 50 Years Ago: Social Control: Ends and Means

Strategic Affairs

Locating the Belt and Road in China’s Broader Policy Shifts by Zorawar Daulet Singh


The Journal of Asian Studies, Volume 76 – Issue 2 – May 2017


The Anniversary of a Massacre and the Death of a Monarch by Tyrell Haberkorn

Pork-Barrel Politics and Electoral Reform: Explaining the Curious Differences in the Experiences of Thailand and Japan by Ray ChristensenJoel Sawat Selway

From Yomihon to Gôkan: Repetition and Difference in Late Edo Book Culture by James R. Reichert

Reading and Writing Material: Kōda Aya’s Kimono and Its Afterlife by Michiko Suzuki

Commentary: Science, Politics, and Risk: Catastrophic Asia from the Perspective of a Brazilianist Anthropologist by Donna M. Goldstein

Commentary: On the Possibilities of Transdisciplinary Asian Studies by Emily T. Yeh

URL: https://www.cambridge.org/core/journals/journal-of-asian-studies/issue/16027F3FBCA93FF1F56AB2D4234A5585?sort=canonical.position%3Aasc&pageNum=1&searchWithinIds=16027F3FBCA93FF1F56AB2D4234A5585&productType=JOURNAL_ARTICLE&template=cambridge-core%2Fjournal%2Farticle-listings%2Flistings-wrapper&hideArticleJournalMetaData=true&displayNasaAds=false

Courtesy: Cambridge journals

American Journal of Sociology, Volume 122, Number 6, May 2017


Interlock Globally, Act Domestically: Corporate Political Unity in the 21st Century by Joshua Murray
The Rise of Protestantism in Post-Mao China: State and Religion in Historical Perspective by Yanfei Sun
Organizational Structure and Collective Action: Lineage Networks, Semiautonomous Civic Associations, and Collective Resistance in Rural China by Yao LuRan Tao
Stitched on the Edge: Rule Evasion, Embedded Regulators, and the Evolution of Markets by Matthias ThiemannJan Lepoutre
When Does Globalization Lead to Local Adaptation? The Emergence of Hybrid Islamic Schools in Turkey, 1985–2007 by Anıl Divarcı ÇakmaklıChristophe BooneArjen van Witteloostuijn
School-to-Work Linkages in the United States, Germany, and France by Thomas A. DiPreteThijs BolChristina Ciocca EllerHerman G. van de Werfhorst
Ecological Networks and Neighborhood Social Organization by Christopher R. BrowningCatherine A. CalderBrian SollerAubrey L. JacksonJonathan Dirlam
Courtesy: Uchicago