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Health Policy and Planning, Volume 32, Issue 4, May 2017



Patterns of informal patient payments in Bulgaria, Hungary and Ukraine: a comparison across countries, years and type of services by Tetiana StepurkoMilena PavlovaIrena GrygaPéter GaálWim Groot

The relative roles of ANC and EPI in the continuous distribution of LLINs: a qualitative study in four countries by Katherine Theiss-NylandDiakalia KonéCorine KaremaWaqo EjersaJayne Webster …

Role of emerging private hospitals in a post-Soviet mixed health system: a mixed methods comparative study of private and public hospital inpatient care in Mongolia by Uranchimeg TsevelvaanchigHebe GoudaPeter BakerPeter S Hill

National income inequality and ineffective health insurance in 35 low- and middle-income countries by Francisco N AlvarezAbdulrahman M El-Sayed

Does donor proliferation in development aid for health affect health service delivery and population health? Cross-country regression analysis from 1995 to 2010  by Sarah Wood PallasJennifer Prah Ruger

Developing a decision support system to link health technology assessment (HTA) reports to the health system policies in Iran by Shahram YazdaniMohammad-Pooyan Jadidfard

Can voluntary pooled procurement reduce the price of antiretroviral drugs? a case study of Efavirenz by Sung Wook KimJolene Skordis-Worrall

The influence of customer-medicine seller transactional dynamics on childhood diarrhoea management: a qualitative study in Ghana by Lauren RosapepEmily SandersKathryn Banke

Infectious disease risk and international tourism demand by Jaume RossellóMaria Santana-GallegoWaqas Awan

Patient perceptions of continuity of health care and associated factors. Cross-sectional study in municipalities of central Colombia and north-eastern Brazil by Ingrid VargasIrene Garcia-SubiratsAmparo Susana Mogollón-PérezPierre De PaepeMaria Rejane Ferreira da Silva …

Comparative effectiveness of two disparate policies on child health: experimental evidence from the Philippines by John W PeabodyStella QuimboJhiedon FlorentinoRiti ShimkhadaXylee Javier …


Defining pharmaceutical systems strengthening: concepts to enable measurement  by Tamara HafnerHelena WalkowiakDavid LeeFrancis Aboagye-Nyame

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