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Population Studies, Vol. 71, No. 2, 2017


Journal of Marriage and Family, Volume 79, Issue 3, June 2017


Work, Unemployment, and Family Policy 

Nonstandard Work Schedules and Private Safety Nets Among Working Mothers(pages 597–613)Jessica Houston Su and Rachel Dunifon

Who Participates and Who Benefits From Employer-Provided Child-Care Assistance? (pages 614–635)Lena Hipp, Taryn W. Morrissey and Mildred E. Warner

Poverty and Economic Disadvantage

“Stress That I Don’t Need”: Gender Expectations and Relationship Struggles Among the Poor (pages 657–674)Jennifer Sherman

Moving “Up and Out” Together: Exploring the Mother–Child Bond in Low-Income, Single-Mother-Headed Families (pages 675–689)Amanda L. Freeman

Household Income and Trajectories of Marital Satisfaction in Early Marriage(pages 690–704)Grace L. Jackson, Jennifer L. Krull, Thomas N. Bradbury and Benjamin R. KarneyGiving Unto Others: Private Financial Transfers and Hardship Among Families With Children (pages 705–722)

Natasha V. Pilkauskas, Colin Campbell and Christopher Wimer

Intergenerational Relations and Processes

The Intergenerational Transmission of Union Instability in Early Adulthood (pages 723–738)Paul R. Amato and Sarah E. Patterson

Providing More but Receiving Less: Daughters in Intergenerational Exchange in Mainland China (pages 739–757)Anning Hu

Intergenerational Contact in Chinese Families: Structural and Cultural Explanations (pages 758–768)Rob J. Gruijters

Resources of Grandparents: Educational Outcomes Across Three Generations in Europe and Israel (pages 769–783)Christian Deindl and Nicole Tieben

Grandparents’ Education and Infant Health: Pathways Across Generations (pages 784–800)Michael J. McFarland, Sara S. McLanahan, Bridget J. Goosby and Nancy E. Reichman

Health and Psychological Well-being

Health-Related Parenting Among U.S. Families and Young Children’s Physical Health (pages 816–832)Jennifer March Augustine, Kate C. Prickett and Rachel Tolbert Kimbro

Psychological Well-being Among Older Adults: The Role of Partnership Status(pages 833–849)Matthew R. Wright and Susan L. Brown

Of General InterestIntimate Partner Violence and Children’s Attachment Representations During Middle Childhood (pages 865–878)Hanna C. Gustafsson, Geoffrey L. Brown, W. Roger Mills-Koonce, Martha J. Cox and The Family Life Project Key Investigators

The World Economy, Volume 40, Issue 5, May 2017


Europe’s Growth Crisis: When and How Will It End? (pages 836–848) by Dominick Salvatore

Journal of Economic Perspectives, Vol. 31, No. 2 , Spring 2017

Symposium: Recent Ideas in Econometrics 

The State of Applied Econometrics: Causality and Policy Evaluation by Susan Athey and Guido W.Imbens

The Use of Structural Models in Econometrics by Hamish Low and CostasMeghir

Twenty Years of Time Series Econometrics in Ten Pictures by James H. Stock and Mark W.Watson

Machine Learning: An Applied Econometric Approach by Sendhil Mullainathan andJann Spiess

Identification and Asymptotic Approximations: Three Examples of Progress in Econometric Theory by James L. Powell

Undergraduate Econometrics Instruction: Through Our Classes, Darkly by Joshua D. Angrist and Jörn-Steffen Pischke


Underestimating the Real Growth of GDP, Personal Income, and Productivity by Martin Feldstein

Challenges to Mismeasurement Explanations for the US Productivity Slowdown by Chad Syverson

How Government Statistics Adjust for Potential Biases from Quality Change and New Goods in an Age of Digital Technologies: A View from the Trenches by Erica L. GroshenBrian C.MoyerAna M. Aizcorbe,Ralph Bradley and David M.Friedman


Social Media and Fake News in the 2016 Election by Hunt Allcott and MatthewGentzkow

Yuliy Sannikov: Winner of the 2016 Clark Medal by Susan Athey and AndrzejSkrzypacz

URL: https://www.aeaweb.org/issues/453

Courtesy: AEA

American Economic Journal: Microeconomics, Vol. 9, No. 2, May 2017


Dynamic Agenda Setting by Ying Chen and Hülya Eraslan

The Good Samaritan and Traffic on the Road to Jericho by Ted Bergstrom

Conditional Retrospective Voting in Large Elections by Ignacio Esponda and DemianPouzo

 Strategic Vote Trading in Power Sharing Systems by Dimitrios Xefteris andNicholas Ziros

Accountability and Information in Elections by Scott AshworthEthanBueno de Mesquita andAmanda Friedenberg

Pricing Institutions and the Welfare Cost of Adverse Selection by E. Glen Weyl and André Veiga

How Important Can the Non-violation Clause Be for the GATT/WTO? by Robert W. Staiger and Alan O. Sykes

Disclosure and Legal Advice by Yeon-Koo Che and SergeiSeverinov

Designing Matching Mechanisms under General Distributional Constraints by Masahiro GotoFuhitoKojimaRyoji KurataAkihisaTamura and Makoto Yokoo

Age-Dependent Payoffs and Assortative Matching by Age in a Market with Search by Anja Sautmann

Aggregate Uncertainty Can Lead to Incorrect Herds by Ignacio Monzón

Procurement Design with Corruption by Roberto Burguet

URL: https://www.aeaweb.org/issues/451

Courtesy: AEA

American Economic Journal: Economic Policy Vol. 9, No. 2, May 2017


The Economics of Rights: Does the Right to Counsel Increase Crime? by Itai AterYehonatan Givatiand Oren Rigbi

Financial Incentives, Hospital Care, and Health Outcomes: Evidence from Fair Pricing Laws by Michael Batty and BenedicIppolito

Strategic Policy Choice in State-Level Regulation: The EPA’s Clean Power Plan by James B. BushnellStephen P. HollandJonathan E.Hughes and Christopher R.Knittel

When Discounts Raise Costs: The Effect of Copay Coupons on Generic Utilization by Leemore DafnyChristopherOdy and Matt Schmitt

The Effect of Public Insurance Coverage for Childless Adults on Labor Supply by Laura DagueThomasDeLeire and LindseyLeininger

College on the Cheap: Consequences of Community College Tuition Reductions by Jeffrey T. Denning

Do Output Contractions Cause Investment in Fiscal Capacity? by Christian Gillitzer

Illegal Immigration, State Law, and Deterrence by Mark Hoekstra and SandraOrozco-Aleman

Are State Governments Roadblocks to Federal Stimulus? Evidence on the Flypaper Effect of Highway Grants in the 2009 Recovery Act by Sylvain Leduc and DanielWilson

Manipulation of Procurement Contracts: Evidence from the Introduction of Discretionary Thresholds by Ján Palguta and Filip Pertold

Can Hiring Quotas Work? The Effect of the Nitaqat Program on the Saudi Private Sector by Jennifer R. Peck

The Role of Government Reimbursement in Drug Shortages by Ali YurukogluEli Liebmanand David B. Ridley

URL: https://www.aeaweb.org/issues/452

Courtesy: AEA

Journal of Economic Issues, Vol.51, Issue 1, 2017


Labor Law in China: How Does It Contribute to the Economic Security of the Workforce? A Commonsian Reading by Muriel Périsse

Two Models of the Relationship Between Money and Sovereignty: An Interpretation Based on John R. Commons’s Institutionalism by Véronique Dutraive & Bruno Théret

Export Controls and International Business: A Study with Special Emphasis on Dual-Use Export Controls and Their Impact on Firms in the US by Belay Seyoum