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National Bureau of Economic Research Latest Working Papers during the week of June 26, 2017


The following NBER Working Papers were released in electronic format this week. Abbreviations in parentheses refer to NBER Research Programs. (visit http://www.nber.org/programs for Program information.)

1.  Supply- and Demand-side Factors in Global Banking by Mary Amiti, Patrick McGuire, David E. Weinstein #23536 (IFM ITI) http://papers.nber.org/papers/w23536?utm_campaign=ntw&utm_medium=email&utm_source=ntw

2.  A Framework for Sharing Confidential Research Data, Applied to Investigating Differential Pay by Race in the U. S. Government by Andres F. Barrientos, Alexander Bolton, Tom Balmat, Jerome P. Reiter, John M. de Figueiredo, Ashwin Machanavajjhala, Yan Chen, Charles Kneifel, Mark DeLong #23534 (LE LS PE TWP) http://papers.nber.org/papers/w23534?utm_campaign=ntw&utm_medium=email&utm_source=ntw

3.  Impacts of Climate Change and Extreme Weather on U.S. Agricultural Productivity: Evidence and Projection by Sun Ling Wang, Eldon Ball, Richard Nehring, Ryan Williams, Truong Chau #23533 (EEE EFG PR  TWP) http://papers.nber.org/papers/w23533?utm_campaign=ntw&utm_medium=email&utm_source=ntw

4.  Internal Capital Markets in Times of Crisis: The Benefit of Group Affiliation in Italy by Raffaele Santioni, Fabio Schiantarelli, Philip E. Strahan #23541 (CF) http://papers.nber.org/papers/w23541?utm_campaign=ntw&utm_medium=email&utm_source=ntw

5.  The Impact of Alcohol on Mental Health, Physical Fitness, and Job Performance by Marigee Bacolod, Jesse M. Cunha, Yu-Chu Shen #23542 (HE) http://papers.nber.org/papers/w23542?utm_campaign=ntw&utm_medium=email&utm_source=ntw

6.  Survey Under-Coverage of Top Incomes and Estimation of Inequality: What is the Role of the UK’s SPI  Adjustment? by Richard V. Burkhauser, Nicolas Herault, Stephen P. Jenkins, Roger Wilkins #23539 (LS) http://papers.nber.org/papers/w23539?utm_campaign=ntw&utm_medium=email&utm_source=ntw

7.  Unordered Monotonicity by James J. Heckman, Rodrigo Pinto #23497 (ED TWP) http://papers.nber.org/papers/w23497?utm_campaign=ntw&utm_medium=email&utm_source=ntw

8.  Why Are Some Immigrant Groups More Successful than Others? by Edward P. Lazear #23548 (LS) http://papers.nber.org/papers/w23548?utm_campaign=ntw&utm_medium=email&utm_source=ntw

9.  The Aggregate Productivity Effects of Internal Migration: Evidence from Indonesia by Gharad Bryan, Melanie Morten #23540 (DEV) http://papers.nber.org/papers/w23540?utm_campaign=ntw&utm_medium=email&utm_source=ntw

10.  The Role of Hospital and Market Characteristics in Invasive Cardiac Service Diffusion by Jill R. Horwitz, Charleen Hsuan, Austin Nichols #23530 (HC) http://papers.nber.org/papers/w23530?utm_campaign=ntw&utm_medium=email&utm_source=ntw

11.  What Was the Industrial Revolution? by Robert E. Lucas, Jr. #23547 (EFG) http://papers.nber.org/papers/w23547?utm_campaign=ntw&utm_medium=email&utm_source=ntw

12.  The Integration of Economic History into Economics by Robert A. Margo #23538 (DAE) http://papers.nber.org/papers/w23538?utm_campaign=ntw&utm_medium=email&utm_source=ntw

13.  Foundations of Welfare Economics and Product Market Applications by Daniel McFadden #23535 (IO PE)

14.  Mandatory Access Prescription Drug Monitoring Programs and Prescription Drug Abuse by Dhaval M. Dave, Anca M. Grecu, Henry Saffer #23537 (HE) http://papers.nber.org/papers/w23537?utm_campaign=ntw&utm_medium=email&utm_source=ntw

15.  The Effect of Cash Injections: Evidence from the 1980s Farm Debt Crisis by Nittai K. Bergman, Rajkamal Iyer, Richard T. Thakor #23546 (CF EFG IFM LS ME) http://papers.nber.org/papers/w23546?utm_campaign=ntw&utm_medium=email&utm_source=ntw

16.  Expect Above Average Temperatures: Identifying the Economic Impacts of Climate Change by Derek Lemoine #23549 (EEE) http://papers.nber.org/papers/w23549?utm_campaign=ntw&utm_medium=email&utm_source=ntw

17.  Minimum Wage Increases, Wages, and Low-Wage Employment: Evidence from Seattle by Ekaterina Jardim, Mark C. Long, Robert Plotnick, Emma van Inwegen, Jacob Vigdor, Hilary Wething #23532 (LS) http://papers.nber.org/papers/w23532?utm_campaign=ntw&utm_medium=email&utm_source=ntw

18.  The Disappointing Recovery of Output after 2009 by John G. Fernald, Robert E. Hall, James H. Stock, Mark W. Watson #23543 (EFG LS) http://papers.nber.org/papers/w23543?utm_campaign=ntw&utm_medium=email&utm_source=ntw

19.  Targeted Debt Relief and the Origins of Financial Distress: Experimental Evidence from Distressed Credit Card Borrowers by Will Dobbie, Jae Song #23545 (LS) http://papers.nber.org/papers/w23545?utm_campaign=ntw&utm_medium=email&utm_source=ntw


Courtesy: NBER

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