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Research Policy Volume 46, Issue 5, June 2017



University research and knowledge transfer: A dynamic view of ambidexterity in british universities by Abhijit Sengupta, Amit S. Ray

Rethinking the effect of risk aversion on the benefits of service innovations in public administration agencies by Nuttaneeya (Ann) Torugsa, Anthony Arundel

Gender effects in research evaluation by Tullio Jappelli, Carmela Anna Nappi, Roberto Torrini

Drivers of knowledge accumulation in electronic waste management: An analysis of publication data by Grazia Cecere, Arianna Martinelli

Does environmental regulation indirectly induce upstream innovation? New evidence from India by Pavel Chakraborty, Chirantan Chatterjee

Climbing the ladder of technological development by Sergio Petralia, Pierre-Alexandre Balland, Andrea Morrison

Manipulation of explicit reputation in innovation and knowledge exchange communities: The example of referencing in science by Michael A. Zaggl

The long-term effect of digital innovation on bank performance: An empirical study of SWIFT adoption in financial services by Susan V. Scott, John Van Reenen, Markos Zachariadis

Examination workloads, grant decision bias and examination quality of patent office by Yee Kyoung Kim, Jun Byoung Oh

Inside the virtuous circle between productivity, profitability, investment and corporate growth: An anatomy of Chinese industrialization by Xiaodan Yu, Giovanni Dosi, Marco Grazzi, Jiasu Lei

Making a marriage of materials: The role of gatekeepers and shepherds in the absorption of external knowledge and innovation performance by Anne L.J. Ter Wal, Paola Criscuolo, Ammon Salter

Chile’s Salmon Industry. Policy Challenges in Managing Public Goods, A. Hosono, M. Iiizuka, J. Katz (Eds.) by Roberta Rabellotti

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