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American Journal of Agricultural Economics, Volume 99, Issue 3 April 2017



Listing and Delisting Thresholds under the Endangered Species Act  by Charles SimsDavid FinnoffAlan HastingsJacob Hochard

Quality Information and Procurement Auction Outcomes: Evidence from a Payment for Ecosystem Services Laboratory Experiment  by Marc N. ConteRobert M. Griffin

Impacts of Federal Crop Insurance on Land Use and Environmental Quality  by Roger ClaassenChristian LangpapJunJie Wu

The Effects of Development Constraints on Forest Management at the Urban-Forest Interface  by Maria A. Cunha-e-SáSofia F. Franco

Retail Intermediation and Local Foods  by Timothy J. RichardsStephen F. HamiltonMiguel GomezElliot Rabinovich

Markets, Transportation Infrastructure, and Food Prices in Nepal  by Gerald ShivelyGanesh Thapa

Market Institutions and Price Relationships: The Case of Coffee in the Ethiopian Commodity Exchange  by Manuel A. HernandezShahidur RashidSolomon LemmaTadesse Kuma

The Political Economy of Fertilizer Subsidy Programs in Africa: Evidence from Zambia  by Nicole M. MasonThomas S. JayneNicolas van de Walle

Rationality of Choices in Subsidized Crop Insurance Markets  by Xiaodong DuHongli FengDavid A. Hennessy

Efficiency Impacts of Utilizing Soil Data in the Pricing of the Federal Crop Insurance Program  by Joshua D. WoodardLeslie J. Verteramo-Chiu

“Decoupled” Farm Program Payments are Really Decoupled: The Theory  by Robert G. ChambersDaniel C. Voica

Subsidies and Technical Efficiency in Agriculture: Evidence from European Dairy Farms  by Laure LatruffeBoris E. Bravo-UretaAlain CarpentierYann DesjeuxVíctor H. Moreira

Testing for Specification Bias with a Flexible Fourier Transform Model for Crop Yields  by Joseph CooperA. Nam TranSteven Wallander

Courtesy: Oxford Journals
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