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Journal of Political Economy, Volume 125, Number 3 , June 2017

Avoiding the Ask: A Field Experiment on Altruism, Empathy, and Charitable Giving by James AndreoniJustin M. RaoHannah Trachtman
Policy Intervention in Debt Renegotiation: Evidence from the Home Affordable Modification Program by Sumit AgarwalGene AmrominItzhak Ben-DavidSouphala ChomsisengphetTomasz PiskorskiAmit Seru
Asset Return Dynamics under Habits and Bad Environment–Good Environment Fundamentals by Geert BekaertEric Engstrom
Admitting Students to Selective Education Programs: Merit, Profiling, and Affirmative Action by Dario CestauDennis EppleHolger Sieg
Estimating the Innovator’s Dilemma: Structural Analysis of Creative Destruction in the Hard Disk Drive Industry, 1981–1998 by Mitsuru Igami
Every Breath You Take—Every Dollar You’ll Make: The Long-Term Consequences of the Clean Air Act of 1970 by Adam IsenMaya Rossin-SlaterW. Reed Walker
Emotions and Political Unrest by Francesco PassarelliGuido Tabellini

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