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Review of Economics and Statistics, Volume 99, Issue 1 – March 2017

Understanding the Advice of Commissions-Motivated Agents: Evidence from the Indian Life Insurance Market   by Santosh AnagolShawn ColeShayak Sarkar
Authority, Incentives, and Performance: Evidence from a Chinese Newspaper by Yanhui Wu
It’s Good to Be First: Order Bias in Reading and Citing NBER Working Papers  by Daniel FeenbergIna GanguliPatrick GauléJonathan Gruber
Access to Home Equity and Consumption: Evidence from a Policy Experiment  by Sumit AgarwalWenlan Qian
Inattention to Deferred Increases in Tax Bases: How Michigan Home Buyers Are Paying for Assessment Limits by Sebastien Bradley
Temporary Shocks and Persistent Effects in Urban Economies: Evidence from British Cities after the U.S. Civil War by W. Walker Hanlon
Heterogeneous Agglomeration by Giulia FaggioOlmo SilvaWilliam C. Strange
The Minimum Legal Drinking Age and Morbidity in the United States by Christopher CarpenterCarlos Dobkin
Decentralization, Collusion, and Coal Mine Deaths by Ruixue JiaHuihua Nie
The Benefits of College Athletic Success: An Application of the Propensity Score Design by Michael L. Anderson
Is There a Debt-Threshold Effect on Output Growth? by Alexander ChudikKamiar MohaddesM. Hashem PesaranMehdi Raissi
Market Structure and Cost Pass-Through in Retail by Gee Hee HongNicholas Li
Law and Innovation: Evidence from State Trade Secrets Laws by I. P. L. Png


Why Do Tougher Caseworkers Increase Employment? The Role of Program Assignment as a Causal Mechanism by Martin HuberMichael LechnerGiovanni Mellace
Courtesy: MIT Press
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