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Studies in History, Volume 33, Issue 1, February 2017


Special Issue: Friendship in Pre-Modern South Asia

Guest Editor: D audAli , and KunalChakrabarti


Friendship in Indian History: Introduction by 

Friend, Enemy, Frenemy: The Hitopadeśa on Making and Breaking Friendship by 

The Ecology of Friendship: Early Tamil Landscapes of Irony and Voice by 

The Death of a Friend: Companionship, Loyalty and Affiliation in Chola South India by 

Practicing Friendship: Epistolary Constructions of Social Intimacy in the Bahmani Sultanate by 

Babur: Salt, Social Closeness and Friendship by 

The Female Companion in a World of Men: Friendship and Concubinage in Late Eighteenth-century Marwar by 

Book Reviews

Book Review: Aruna Pariti, Genealogy, Time and Identity by 

Book Review: V. Ravi Vaithees, Religion, Caste and Nation in South India: Maraimalai Adigal, the Neo-Saivite Movement, and Tamil Nationalism, 1876–1950 by 

Book Review: Gita Dharampal Frick, Monika Kirloskar-Steinbach, Rachel Dwyer and Jahnavi Phalkey (eds), Key Concepts in Modern Indian Studies by 

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