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Tourism Economics, Volume 23, Issue 1, February 2017



Tourism in European cities:Price competitiveness of hotels in towns of artistic interest by , ,

Tourism’s potential to benefit the poor: A social accounting matrix model applied to Ecuador by ,
The management of tourism destinations: A policy game by , ,
Turkish tourism, exchange rates and income by , ,
Forecasting disaggregated tourist arrivals in Croatia: Evidence from seasonal univariate time series models by , ,
Tourism statistics: Correcting data inadequacy by , ,
Capital structure determinants of hospitality sector SMEs by ,
The effects of improving coastal park attributes on the recreation demand—A case study in Dalian China
The propensity to bargain while on a vacation by , ,
The nexus between tourism demand and output per capita with the relative importance of trade openness and financial development: A study of Malaysia by , , ,
Business cycle and external dependence on tourism : Evidence for Spain by ,
Research Notes
The announcement effects of regional tourism industrial policy: The case of the Hainan international tourism island policy in China by , ,
The significance of TSA application in the economic policy of Serbia by 
The effect of advertising on market share instability in the hotel industry by , ,
Tourism spending behaviour before and after the 2008 financial crisis : A dynamic panel investigation by , ,
Community tourism and its role among agropastoralists in Laikipia County, Kenya by , , , ,
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