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Journal of Marriage and Family, Volume 79, Issue 1, February 2017

Fathers’ Investments of Money and Time Across Residential Contexts (pages 10–23) by Marcia J. Carlson, Alicia G. Van Orman and Kimberly J. Turner

Indebted Relationships: Child Support Arrears and Nonresident Fathers’ Involvement With Children (pages 24–43) by Kimberly J. Turner and Maureen R. Waller

The Role of Men’s Childbearing Intentions in Father Involvement (pages 44–59) by Laura Duberstein Lindberg, Kathryn Kost and Isaac Maddow-Zimet

White Racial Socialization: Progressive Fathers on Raising “Antiracist” Children(pages 60–74) by Margaret Ann Hagerman

Family Instability, Multipartner Fertility, and Behavior in Middle Childhood (pages 75–93) by Paula Fomby and Cynthia Osborne

Mothers’ Union Statuses and Their Involvement in Young Children’s Schooling(pages 94–109) by Robert W. Ressler, Chelsea Smith, Shannon Cavanagh and Robert Crosnoe

Childhood Family Structure and Early Family Formation in East and West Germany(pages 110–130) by Marcel Raab

Intergenerational Support and Marital Satisfaction: Implications of Beliefs About Helping Aging Parents (pages 131–146) by Courtney A. Polenick, Steven H. Zarit, Kira S. Birditt, Lauren R. Bangerter, Amber J. Seidel and Karen L. Fingerman

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