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Race & Class, Volume 58, Issue 3, January-March 2017


Table of Contents

Flying the flag for neoliberalism by 

Picturing peace: murals and memory in Colombia by ,

‘See no evil’: collusion in Northern Ireland by 

Inventing aliens: immigration control, ‘xenophobia’ and racism in Japan by 

Review articles
Anti-Semitism in Poland, yesterday and today by 
Can the working-class novel exist today? Maybe by 
Dying to Forget: oil, power, Palestine & the foundations of U.S. policy in the Middle East, War Against the People: Israel, the Palestinians and global pacification and Shell-shocked: on the ground under Israel’s Gaza assault by 
Waste of a White Skin: the Carnegie Corporation and the racial logic of white vulnerability by 
Kent State: death and dissent in the long sixties by 
How Corrupt is Britain? by 
The British Labour Party and Twentieth Century Ireland by 
The Sound of Culture: diaspora and black technopoetics by 
Emmett Till in Different States: poems by 
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