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Social Change, Volume 46, Issue 4, December 2016


Table of Contents 

The Southern Nicobar Islands as Imaginative Geographies by 

Searching for the Middle Path in Microfinance Delivery by ,

Revisiting the Participatory Model of Development: Institutional Survival in Watershed Programmes in Four Indian States by 

Quality of Elementary Education in India’s Rural Areas: Results from Annual Status of Education Report (ASER) 2014 by 

Challenges to Social Accountability and Service Delivery in Pakistan by ,

Modernisation without Westernisation in Saudi Arabia: Perceptions of the Country’s Urban Dwellers by

Domestic Violence: Causes, Impact and Remedial Measures by 
Has the Codified Hindu Law Changed Gender Relationships? by 
Book Reviews
Book Review: Ipsita Chatterjee, Displacement, Revolution, and the New Urban Condition: Theories and Case Studies by 
Book Review: Siri Hettige and Eva Gerharz (eds), Governance, Conflict and Development in South Asia, Perspectives from India, Nepal and Sri Lanka by 
Book Review: Asha Hans, Disability, Gender and the Trajectories of Power by 
Book Review: Sukhadeo Thorat and Nidhi Sadhana Sabharwal (eds), Bridging the Social Gap: Perspectives on Dalit Empowerment and Jayshree P. Mangubhai, Human Rights as Practice: Dalit Women Securing Livelihood Entitlements in South India by 
Book Review: Subhoranjan Dasgupta, Democratic Governance and Politics of the Left in South Asia by 
Book Review: Jaishri Jethwaney, Social Sector Communication in India: Concepts, Practices and Case Studies by 
Book Review: Rishi Singh, State Formation and the Establishment of Non-Muslim Hegemony: Post-Mughal 19th Century Punjab (1780–1839) by 
Book Review: B.S. Baviskar and D.W. Attwood, Inside–Outside: Two Views of Social Change in Rural India by 
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