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Kerala Economic Review 2016


by Kerala State Planning Board, 2017

The Economic Review is a much awaited document as it provides valuable, balanced, comprehensive and timely information about Kerala’s recent economic performance in the context of global trends, national trends and the State’s own past performance. It involves collection of data from implementing agencies at state, district and local body levels and putting the data together to be meaningful. A variety of stakeholders, including planners at the Central and State level, civil society, researchers, non-resident Keralites, media and informed citizens use this document. The book is published in the print media and is also uploaded on the State Planning Board website http://www.spb.kerala.gov.in. A Malayalam version is also prepared. The Planning Board has always welcomed constructive comments on making the Review more relevant and has tried to make the document more analytical yet understandable to the users..

Volume – 1 http://www.spb.kerala.gov.in/images/pdf/whats_new/ER_Eng%20Vol1.pdf

Volume – 2 http://www.spb.kerala.gov.in/images/pdf/whats_new/ER_2016_Appendix_Eng.pdf

Courtesy – SPB, Kerala

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