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Demography ,Volume 53, Issue 6, December 2016



Ready, Willing, and Able? Impediments to the Onset of Marital Fertility Decline in the United States by David Hacker

Midpregnancy Marriage and Divorce: Why the Death of Shotgun Marriage Has Been Greatly Exaggerated by Christina M. Gibson-Davis, Elizabeth O. Ananat, Anna Gassman-Pines

Is Divorce More Painful When Couples Have Children? Evidence From Long-Term Panel Data on Multiple Domains of Well-being by Thomas Leopold, Matthijs Kalmijn

Parental Divorce and Children’s Schooling in Rural Malawi by Sophia Chae

Relationship Transitions and the Risk for Child Maltreatment by William Schneider

Trends in Spouses’ Shared Time in the United States, 1965–2012 by Katie R. Genadek, Sarah M. Flood, Joan Garcia Roman

Child Marriage and Intimate Partner Violence in Rural Bangladesh: A Longitudinal Multilevel Analysis by Kathryn M. Yount, AliceAnn Crandall, Yuk Fai Cheong, Theresa L. Osypuk

Young Children’s Developmental Ecologies and Kindergarten Readiness by Stefanie Mollborn

Compensation or Reinforcement? The Stratification of Parental Responses to Children’s Early Ability by Michael Grätz, Florencia Torche

Diverging Mobility Trajectories: Grandparent Effects on Educational Attainment in One- and Two-Parent Families in the United States by Xi Song

Global Neighborhoods: Beyond the Multiethnic Metropolis by Wenquan Zhang, John R. Logan

The Contributions of Places to Metropolitan Ethnoracial Diversity and Segregation: Decomposing Change Across Space and Time by Christopher S. Fowler, Barrett A. Lee, Stephen A. Matthews

Assimilation and Health: Evidence From Linked Birth Records of Second- and Third-Generation Hispanics by Osea Giuntella

Moving Beyond Salmon Bias: Mexican Return Migration and Health Selection by Christina J. Diaz, Stephanie M. Koning, Ana P. Martinez-Donate

One Size May Not Fit All: How Obesity Among Mexican-Origin Youth Varies by Generation, Gender, and Age by Michelle L. Frisco, Susana Quiros, Jennifer Van Hook

Fathers’ Imprisonment and Mothers’ Multiple-Partner Fertility by Maria Cancian, Yiyoon Chung, Daniel R. Meyer

Incarceration and Household Asset Ownership by Kristin Turney, Daniel Schneider

Quantifying Intrinsic and Extrinsic Contributions to Human Longevity: Application of a Two-Process Vitality Model to the Human Mortality Database by David J. Sharrow, James J. Anderson

An Update on Identifying Same-Sex Couples in the American Time Use Survey by Kate C. Prickett, Alexa Martin-Storey, Robert Crosnoe

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