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Cambridge Journal of Economics , Volume 40, Issue 6 ,November 2016


The crisis of Spanish savings banks by  Juan Rafael RuizPatricia StupariuÁngel Vilariño

Portugal’s bailout and the crisis of the European Union from a capability perspective by Leonardo CostaNuno Ornelas MartinsFrancisca Guedes de Oliveira

Soft budget constraints and regional industrial policy: reinterpreting the rise and fall of DeLorean by Graham Brownlow

Wage-led growth in the EU15 member-states: the effects of income distribution on growth, investment, trade balance and inflation by Ozlem OnaranThomas Obst

Implicit asymmetric exchange rate peg under inflation targeting regimes: the case of Turkey by Ahmet BenlialperHasan Cömert

Correctly analysing the balance-of-payments constraint on growth by Arslan Razmi

Debt-driven growth? Wealth, distribution and demand in OECD countries by Engelbert StockhammerRafael Wildauer

The state advances, the private sector retreats? Firm effects of China’s great stimulus programme by Anders C. JohanssonXunan Feng

Issues and concerns in developing regulated markets for endangered species products: the case of rhinoceros horns by Alan CollinsGavin FraserJen Snowball

Tax cuts or social investment? Evaluating the opportunity cost of French employment strategy by Clément CarbonnierBruno PalierMichaël Zemmour

A critical assessment of transaction cost theory and governance of public services with special reference to water and sanitation by Hulya DagdevirenSimon A. Robertson

Reading Keynes in Buenos Aires: Prebisch and the Dynamics of Capitalism by Esteban Pérez CaldenteyMatías Vernengo

Liberalism and democracy — a comparative reading of Eucken and Hayek by Daniel NientiedtEkkehard A. Köhler

Learning, innovation, increasing returns and resource creation: Luigi Pasinetti’s ‘original sin’ of, and call for a post-classical, economics by Christos N. Pitelis

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