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IASSI-Quarterly, Volume-35, Issue-1&2(January- June), 2016



What do we learn about India from happiness and well-being indicators by R Radhakrishna

Standardisation of the Konkani public sphere in the late twentieth century by Joanna Coelho

Rural entrepreneurship development programme (REDP) – An alternative financing model for inclusive growth by Gangadhar Banerjee & Srijeet Banerji

Determinants of non- farm activities in Punjab, Andhra pradesh and Tamil Nadu by Anchal Jain and  A Amarender reddy

Dependence on common grazing land: A study of gaddi and Gujjar Nomads of H P by M S Pathania

The role of advocacy group in environmental policy making : Case – study of Bangladesh by Farjana Nasrin

Watching television news: A study of audience response by Sudeshna Devi

Review article

Capitalism: Efficiency vs equality by Baidyanath Misra


Reviewing West Bengal assembly election result by Moitree Bhattacharya


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