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American Journal of Agricultural Economics, Volume 99, Issue 1 January 2017


Socioeconomic and Demographic Determinants of the Nutritional Content of National School Lunch Program Entrée Selections by Janet G. Peckham; Jaclyn D. Kropp; Thomas A. Mroz; Vivian Haley-Zitlin; Ellen M. Granberg ..

Heterogeneous Behavior, Obesity, and Storability in the Demand for Soft Drinks by Emily Wang; Christian Rojas; Francesca Colantuoni

Crop Choice, School Participation, and Child Labor in Developing Countries: Cotton Expansion in Burkina Faso by Harounan Kazianga; Francis Makamu

Averting Behaviors of Very Small Radiation Exposure via Food Consumption after the Fukushima Nuclear Power Station Accident by Nobuyuki Ito; Koichi Kuriyama

The Value of Heterogeneous Property Rights and the Costs of Water Volatility by Daniel A. Brent

Harvest Reporting, Timely Information, and Incentives for Technology Adoption by Jorge Holzer

Economics of Controlling Invasive Species: A Stochastic Optimization Model for a Spatial-dynamic Process by Morteza Chalak; Maksym Polyakov; David J. Pannell

Learning about a Moving Target in Resource Management: Optimal Bayesian Disease Control by Matthew J. MacLachlan; Michael R. Springborn; Paul L. Fackler

Biophysical Causality and Environmental Preference Elicitation: Evaluating the Validity of Welfare Analysis over Intermediate Outcomes by Robert J. Johnston; Eric T. Schultz; Kathleen Segerson; Elena Y. Besedin; Mahesh Ramachandran

To What Extent Is Aquaculture Socially Beneficial? A Theoretical Analysis by  Esther Regnier; Katheline Schubert

On the Market-consistent Valuation of Fish Farms: Using the Real Option Approach and Salmon Futures by Christian-Oliver Ewald; Ruolan Ouyang; Tak Kuen Siu

Attribute Search in Online Retailing by Timothy J. Richards; Stephen F. Hamilton; Janine Empen

The Financialization of Food? by Valentina G. Bruno; Bahattin Büyükşahin; Michel A. Robe

Agricultural Technology Choice and Transport by Richard Damania; Claudia Berg; Jason Russ; A. Federico Barra; John Nash

Broadband Internet and New Firm Location Decisions in Rural Areas by Younjun Kim; Peter F. Orazem

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