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Review of Agrarian Studies, Volume 6, Number 2 (July-December, 2016)


Research Articles

Agrarian Change and Adaptive Capacity in Rural South Africa by  Sam Schramski and Grenville Barnes

  Agricultural Science in Colonial India: An Introductory Note by  T. Jayaraman

  The Dissemination of Modern Agricultural Knowledge in the Colonial Period: A Review of the Marathi Monthly Shetki aani Shetkari by  Sandipan Baksi and Tushar Kamble

  Agriculture and the “Literati” in Colonial Bengal, 1870 to 1940 by Arnab Roy

  The Hindi-Speaking Intelligentsia and Agricultural Modernisation in the Colonial Period by  Sandipan Baksi

Research Notes and Statistics

Women’s Role in the Livestock Economy by  Madhura Swaminathan and Yoshifumi Usami

Book Reviews

Searching for Unity in the Diversity of Rural Karnataka by  Narendar Pani

Panchayat Databases: A Pioneering Effort by D. Narayana

 In Focus
Agricultural Modernisation and Indian-Language Journals in Pre-Independence India edited by Parvathi Menon and Indira Chandrasekhar
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