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Indian Journal of Gerontology, Vol 31, No.1, 2017



Fifteen dimensions of health and their associations with quality of life among elderly in rural villages in Maharashtra, (India) by Olajumoke M Ogundare, Vinod g Shah, Subhash r salunke, Rahul Malhotra, Sanghamitra Pati, Ankita Karmarkar, Vaidehee S Gandhi, Shavari R Shukla, Marissa Stroo, Sameer K Jadhav, meena V Shah, Joanna Maselko, truls Ostbye

Age identity and psychological disability in older persons of Kerala by Justin P Jose and Shanuga Cherayi

Situating elderly role in family decision – making :Indian scenario by Tattwamasi Paltasingh and Renu Tyagi

The impairments of verbal fluency in dementia of the alzheimer’s type by S Gopal Jee

Gait evaluation of institutionalized elders- A feasibility study  by Jerin Mathew, Teresa Vanlalpeki and Gishnu G Nair

Rural – urban differential in living standard of elderly in Bihar by Kum kum kumari

Psychological and health problems of conflict-displaced ilaje adolescents and elderly in Nigeria by Adeyanju Awoniyi Babafemi and Ogungbamila Bolanle

Gender perspectives of multi- morbidity among elderly and it’s determinants in an urban setting of Tamil Nadu by Audinarayana

Courtesy: IJG

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