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Diversity & Inclusion and innovation: a virtuous cycle


Industrial and Commercial Training, Volume 47 Issue 1, 2015


– The purpose of this paper is to clarify the reciprocal relationship between Diversity and Inclusion (D&I) and innovation to demonstrate how each may be effectively leveraged for the benefit of the other to help businesses grow. The paper aims to expand the discussion around the relationship between D&I and innovation by exploring not only how D&I can be leveraged for better outcomes in innovation, but also how innovation can be leveraged for better outcomes in D&I.

– This paper explores insights from researchers and practitioners, case examples, and the authors’ professional experiences, opinions and interpretations.

– Set in the context of current challenges facing business leaders, the paper provides insights, recommendations and case examples about how D&I can be leveraged to bring about innovative products, services and business solutions. It also discusses factors limiting success in the field of D&I calling for innovative approaches that can deliver better outcomes. A set of recommendations and case examples of next generation D&I practices is followed by an example methodology demonstrating value in fostering innovative D&I strategies and results.

Courtesy: Emeraldinsight
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