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Journal of Macroeconomics, Volume 50, December 2016



Monetary transmission mechanism with firm turnover by Lenno Uusküla

On the gains from monetary policy commitment under deep habits by Gregory E. Givens

Reserve requirements and the bank lending channel in China by Zuzana Fungáčová, Riikka Nuutilainen, Laurent Weill

Credit supply shocks in the Netherlands by Fabio Duchi, Adam Elbourne

On imperfect competition with occasionally binding cash-in-advance constraints by Huw Dixon, Panayiotis M. Pourpourides

Does consumer confidence affect durable goods spending during bad and good economic times equally? By M. Iqbal Ahmed, Steven P. Cassou

Pollution externalities, endogenous health and the speed of convergence in an endogenous growth model by Torben Klarl

The cardiovascular revolution and economic performance in the OECD countries by Thomas J. Hyclak, Christopher L. Skeels, Larry W. Taylor

The term structure of interest rates in an estimated New Keynesian policy model by Daniel Buncic, Philipp Lentner

Inflationary effects of monetary policies in newly industrialized economies with cross-sectoral labor and capital immobility by Anindya S. Chakrabarti

A Model of economic mobility and the distribution of wealth by Ricardo T. Fernholz

The switch from patents to state-dependent prizes for technological innovation by Hwan C. Lin

The macroeconomic effects of public investment: Evidence from advanced economies by Abdul Abiad (ADB), Davide Furceri (IMF and University of Palermo), Petia Topalova (IMF)

Trade partner diversification and growth: How trade links matter by Ali Sina Önder, Hakan Yilmazkuday

International, intersectoral, or unobservable? Measuring R&D spillovers under weak and strong cross-sectional dependence by Timo Mitze, Amjad Naveed, Nisar Ahmad

Relation between growth and unemployment in a model with labor-force participation and adverse labor institutions by Been-Lon Chen, Mei Hsu, Chih-Fang Lai

Partial inflation indexation and long-run inflation targeting in a growing economy: A comparison of Calvo and Rotemberg pricing models by Parantap Basu, Agnirup Sarkar

German labor market and fiscal reforms 1999–2008: Can they be blamed for intra-euro area imbalances? By Niklas Gadatsch, Nikolai Stähler, Benjamin Weigert

Asymmetric preferences and monetary policy deviations by C. Patrick Scott

Total factor productivity and the propagation of shocks: Empirical evidence and implications for the business cycle by Eric Mayer, Sebastian Rüth, Johann Scharler



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