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ISDA Journal, Vol. 26, No. 3 July-Sept. 2016



Socio-economic conflicts in the devolved system of govt. in Kenya – Opportunities and challenges by P T Aienla Lemtor and Ronald C Zochin

E-governance and the efficiency of service delivery at LSGs in kerala by Kumar S P

World women: Facts on inequality and subjugation  by Nithya N R

Gender differences of morbidity in India by Anitha K

Higher education in Andaman and Nicobar islands : Problems and prospects by Chanderdeep Singh K

An exploration in to the modes of being : Towards a human ontology of existence by Syam  M K

Economic impact of female emigration: The case of female nurses from Kerala by Sanaz Sadeghibaghdadabadi and M S Jayakumar

Identifying the paradox of nature and myth in onam celebration by Vandana M V

Trend and patterns of urbanisation in Kerala: An overview by smitha Pavianose and Christabell P J

Book Review: Religion, community,identity: Reform and change in Kerala by Sajan thomas

Courtesy: ISDA Journal

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