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Quarterly Journal of Economics Volume 131, Issue 4 , 2016

  • Articles
  • Scott R. Baker, Nicholas Bloom, and Steven J. Davis
  • Editor’s Choice: Measuring Economic Policy Uncertainty
  • Sarah Baird, Joan Hamory Hicks, Michael Kremer, and Edward Miguel
  • Worms at Work: Long-run Impacts of a Child Health Investment
  • Amy Finkelstein, Matthew Gentzkow, and Heidi Williams
  • Sources of Geographic Variation in Health Care: Evidence From Patient Migration
  • Morgan Kelly and Cormac Ó Gráda
  • Adam Smith, Watch Prices, and the Industrial Revolution
  • Pedro Bordalo, Katherine Coffman, Nicola Gennaioli, and Andrei Shleifer
  • Stereotypes
  • Patrick Kline and Christopher R. Walters
  • Evaluating Public Programs with Close Substitutes: The Case of Head Start
  • Robert Akerlof and Richard Holden
  • Movers and Shakers
  • Marianna Belloc, Francesco Drago, and Roberto Galbiati
  • Earthquakes, Religion, and Transition to Self-Government in Italian Cities
  • Stefan Nagel
  • The Liquidity Premium of Near-Money Assets*
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