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Journal of Health Economics,Volume 50, Issue 1, December 2016



The effect of hospital/physician integration on hospital choice by Laurence C. Baker, M. Kate Bundorf, Daniel P. Kessler

Non-monotonic health behaviours – implications for individual health-related behaviour in a demand-for-health framework by Kristian Bolin, Björn Lindgren

Including health insurance in poverty measurement: The impact of Massachusetts health reform on poverty by Sanders D. Korenman, Dahlia K. Remler

Do hospital-owned skilled nursing facilities provide better post-acute care quality? By Momotazur Rahman, Edward C. Norton, David C. Grabowski

Eliminating composite bias in treatment effects estimates: Applications to quality of life assessment by Ian M. McCarthy

Quality rating and private-prices: Evidence from the nursing home industry by Sean Shenghsiu Huang, Richard A. Hirth

How product standardization affects choice: Evidence from the Massachusetts Health Insurance Exchange by Keith M. Marzilli Ericson, Amanda Starc

The effect of narrow provider networks on health care use by Alicia Atwood, Anthony T. Lo Sasso

The effect of college education on mortality by Kasey Buckles, Andreas Hagemann, Ofer Malamud, Melinda Morrill, Abigail Wozniak

Asymmetric information and user orientation in general practice: Exploring the agency relationship in a best–worst scaling study by Line Bjørnskov Pedersen, Stephane Hess, Trine Kjær

The Mental Health Parity and Addiction Equity Act evaluation study: Impact on specialty behavioral health utilization and expenditures among “carve-out” enrollees by Susan L. Ettner, Jessica M. Harwood, Amber Thalmayer, Michael K. Ong, Haiyong Xu, Michael J. Bresolin, Kenneth B. Wells, Chi-Hong Tseng, Francisca Azocar

Does the extension of primary care practice opening hours reduce the use of emergency services? By Matteo Lippi Bruni, Irene Mammi, Cristina Ugolini

Health shocks and risk aversion by Simon Decker, Hendrik Schmitz

Doctor–patient differences in risk and time preferences: A field experiment by Matteo M. Galizzi, Marisa Miraldo, Charitini Stavropoulou, Marjon van der Pol

Do working conditions at older ages shape the health gradient? By Lauren L. Schmitz

A soft pillow for hard times? Economic insecurity, food intake and body weight in Russia by Matthias Staudigel

Incentives and children’s dietary choices: A field experiment in primary schools by Michèle Belot, Jonathan James, Patrick Nolen

Choice of hospital: Which type of quality matters? By Nils Gutacker, Luigi Siciliani, Giuseppe Moscelli, Hugh Gravelle

The value of disease prevention vs treatment by Christoph M. Rheinberger, Daniel Herrera-Araujo, James K. Hammitt

Special Section: Industrial Organisation of the Health Sector and Public Policy; Edited by Martin Chalkley, Helmuth Cremer and Luigi Siciliani

Editorial of special issue “Industrial organisation of the health sector and public policy” by Martin Chalkley, Helmuth Cremer, Luigi Siciliani

Earmarking and the political support of fat taxes by Helmuth Cremer, Catarina Goulão, Kerstin Roeder

Quality standards versus nutritional taxes: Health and welfare impacts with strategic firms by Vincent Réquillart, Louis-Georges Soler, Yu Zang

Private versus social incentives for pharmaceutical innovation by Paula González, Inés Macho-Stadler, David Pérez-Castrillo

Late-stage pharmaceutical R&D and pricing policies under two-stage regulation by Sebastian Jobjörnsson, Martin Forster, Paolo Pertile, Carl-Fredrik Burman

Reference pricing with endogenous generic entry by Kurt R. Brekke, Chiara Canta, Odd Rune Straume

The design of long term care insurance contracts by Helmuth Cremer, Jean-Marie Lozachmeur, Pierre Pestieau

Long-term care and births timing, by Pierre Pestieau, Gregory Ponthiere

Competition and screening with motivated health professionals by Francesca Barigozzi, Nadia Burani

Patient mobility and health care quality when regions and patients differ in income by Kurt R. Brekke, Rosella Levaggi, Luigi Siciliani, Odd Rune Straume

URL: http://www.sciencedirect.com/science/journal/01676296/50

Courtesy: Sciencedirect

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