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International Journal of Health Services, Volume 46, Issue 4, October 2016



International Trade Agreements and Their Consequences for the Health, Quality of Life, and Wellbeing of Populations

The Trans Pacific Partnership Agreement and Pharmaceutical Regulation in Canada and Australia by

The Impact of the Great Recession on Health: The Case of Unemployment In Europe

Health Effects of Unemployment in Europe During the Great Recession:The Impact of Unemployment Generosity by

The Political Context of the Health Crisis in Greece

An Assessment of the Results of European Parliament Elections in Greece and European Union Under the Shadow of Economic Crisis by ,
Globalization and Its Consequences for Health

|Globalization, Work, and Cardiovascular Disease by , ,
The Health Situation of Immigrants to the US and Mozambique
Experiencing Unmet Medical Needs or Delayed Care Because of Cost:Foreign-Born Adults in the U.S. by Region of Birth by
HIV Susceptibility Among Migrant Miners in Chokwe:A Case Study by , , , , , ,
The Health Consequences of Discrimination
A Republican Egalitarian Approach to Bioethics: The Case of the Unrecognized Bedouin Villages in Israel by , ,

The Consequences of Neoliberalism in Health Care in the US
The History and Future of Neoliberal Health Reform: Obamacare and Its Predecessors by ,
Inequalities in Health
Can Geographic Bridging Social Capital Improve the Health of People Who Live in Deprived Urban Neighborhoods? by ,
The Association Between Income Inequality and Oral Health in Canada
A Cross-Sectional Study by ,
Racial and Ethnic Disparities in Mental Health Care for Children and Young Adults
A National Study by , ,

The Effects of the Environmental Crisis on Health
Lessons for Health From Insights into Environmental Crises by ,
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