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European Economic Review Volume 90, November 2016



Social identity and discrimination: Introduction to the special issue by Yan Chen, Friederike Mengel

Social identity and social free-riding by Mark Bernard, Florian Hett, Mario Mechtel

A simple model of homophily in social networks by Sergio Currarini, Jesse Matheson, Fernando Vega-Redondo

Identity, homophily and in-group bias by Sergio Currarini, Friederike Mengel

Money or friends: Social identity and deception in networks by Rong Rong, Daniel Houser, Anovia Yifan Dai

The effects of group composition in a strategic environment: Evidence from a field experiment by John A. List, William S. Neilson, Michael K. Price

Social connectedness improves co-ordination on individually costly, efficient outcomes by Giuseppe Attanasi, Astrid Hopfensitz, Emiliano Lorini, Frédéric Moisan

Identity and group conflict by Subhasish M. Chowdhury, Joo Young Jeon, Abhijit Ramalingam

Social motives in intergroup conflict: Group identity and perceived target of threat by Ori Weisel, Ro׳i Zultan

Conflict and the ethnic structure of the marketplace: Evidence from Israel by Asaf Zussman

Bend it like Beckham: Ethnic identity and integration by Alberto Bisin, Eleonora Patacchini, Thierry Verdier, Yves Zenou

Ethnic discrimination: Evidence from China by Markus Mobius, Tanya Rosenblat, Qiqi Wang

Natural groups and economic characteristics as driving forces of wage discrimination by Thorsten Chmura, Sebastian J. Goerg, Pia Weiss

Wish you were here? Quasi-experimental evidence on the effect of education on self-reported attitude toward immigrants by Béatrice d׳Hombres, Luca Nunziata

On trust in honesty and volunteering among Europeans: Cross-country evidence on perceptions and behavior by Anja Dieckmann, Veronika Grimm, Matthias Unfried, Verena Utikal, Lorenzo Valmasoni

Cooperation and discrimination within and across language borders: Evidence from children in a bilingual city by Silvia Angerer, Daniela Glätzle-Rützler, Philipp Lergetporer, Matthias Sutter

Religious fragmentation, social identity and cooperation: Evidence from an artefactual field experiment in India by Surajeet Chakravarty, Miguel A. Fonseca, Sudeep Ghosh, Sugata Marjit

Religion, discrimination and trust across three cultures by Swee Hoon Chuah, Simon Gächter, Robert Hoffmann, Jonathan H.W. Tan

Social identity and governance: The behavioral response to female leaders by Lata Gangadharan, Tarun Jain, Pushkar Maitra, Joseph Vecci

Author׳s gender affects rating of academic articles: Evidence from an incentivized, deception-free laboratory experiment by Michał Krawczyk, Magdalena Smyk

How competitiveness may cause a gender wage gap: Experimental evidence by Matthias Heinz, Hans-Theo Normann, Holger A. Rau

Does affirmative action reduce gender discrimination and enhance efficiency? New experimental evidence by  Guillaume Beaurain, David Masclet

Exposure to female colleagues breaks the glass ceiling—Evidence from a combined vignette and field experiment by Henning Finseraas, Åshild A. Johnsen, Andreas Kotsadam, Gaute Torsvik

Discrimination in the laboratory: A meta-analysis of economics experiments by Tom Lane

URL: http://www.sciencedirect.com/science/journal/00142921/90

Courtesy: Sciencedirect

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