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Agricultural Economics Research Review, Volume 29, 2016



Contribution of Indian Agriculture to Nutritional Security: Trend and Patterns by K.J.S.Satyasai and Kinjal Shukla

Agricultural Diversity, Dietary Diversity and  Nutrional  Intake : An Evidence on Inter-linkages from Village Level Studies in eastern India by  Anjani Kumar, Sunil Saroj, R.K.P. Singh and Shiv Jee

Great Indian Food Paradox: Trends and Patterns by P.C. Meena, Sanjiv Kumar, K.Srinivas ,  Ranjit Kumar, B.Ganesh  Kumar,  N. Sivaramane  and A. Dhandapani

Coping with Food and Nutrition Insecurity by Rural Women in Drought-prone Bolangir District of Western Odisha by Mrutyunjay Swain

Consumption Pattern and Nutritional Intake of Pulses by Segregated Income Groups in India by .Umanath, P.G.Chengappa and K.Vijayasarathy

Role of Pulses in Enhancing Nutritional Status of Rural Poor:  Micro- Level Evidence from Semi-Arid Tropics of India by R. Padmaja, P. Soumitra and M.C.S. Bantilan

How Price signals in Pulses are transmitted across Regions and Value Chain? Examining Horizontal and Vertical Market Price Integration for Major Pulses in India by Ranjit Kumar Paul, Raka Saxena and Showkat  A. Bhat

Total factor Productivity of Major Pulse Crops in India: Implications for Technology policy and Nutritional Security by A. Suresh and A. Amarender Reddy

Potential in Improving Nutritional Security through Aquaculture Development in India: A Regional Level Analysis by Nagesh Kumar Barik

Experiencing the Food safety Regime: Compliance, Market Access, and Coping Strategies of Indian Fishery Sector by Jayasekhar Somasekharan, K.N. Harilal,K.P. Chandran and Sajan Thomas

Is there Convergence in Dietary Energy Intake among Expenditure- Classes in India? By S.K. Srivastava, Balaji S.J. and Deepthi Kolady

Understanding the Linkages between Crop Diversity and Household Dietary Diversity in the Semi- Arid Regions of India by K. Kavitha, P. Soumitra and R. Padmaja

Relationship between Food Production and Consumption Diversity in India –Empirical Evidences from Cross Section Analysis by P. Venkatesh, V.  Sngeetha and Premlata Singh

Examining Linkage between Dietary Pattern and Crop Diversification: An Evidence from Tamil Nadu by M. Chinnadurai, K.R.  Karunakaran, M.Chandrasekaran, R. Balasubramanian and M. Umanath

Determinants of Consumption Probability and Demand for Fruits in India by V. Kavitha, M. Umanath, R. Paramasivam and K. Chandran

Linking Agriculture and Nutrition: An Ex-ante Analysis of Zinc Biofortification of Rice in India by B.Nirmala, V. Ravindra Babu, C.N. Neraja , Amtul Waris, P. Muthuraman and D. Sanjeeva Rao

Courtesy:Agricultural Economics Research Association

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