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Productivity,Vol. 57,Issue 3 October- December 2016



Foreign Direct Investment in strategic sectors of India: A study on the role of reforms and sectoral guidelines by Niti Bhasin

An empirical analysis of macroeconomic determinants of Foreign Direct Investment inflows to India by Syed Tabassum Sultana

Impact of Foreign Direct Investment  inflows on productivity : Evidence from panel data analysis by Pabitra Kumar Jena and Utpal Chattopadhyay

Foreign Direct Investment in India’s retail sector and farmers ‘ productivity: Few issues by Murali Patibandla

India as a top destination in FDI inflows: Is it a reality or a myth? by Badar Alam Iqbal

Employment pattern in unorganised manufacturing sector in Uttar Pradesh by Nomita P Kumar

Work- related variables and work-life balance- A study of nurses in government hospitals of Himachal Pradesh by Sakshi Sharma, Jai Singh Parmer and S S Chauhan

Supply chain in the fish processing sector in Kerala: An empirical analysis by Ancy V P and K V Raju

Measurement of organisational resilience – An approach by Mohit Kumar Kolay

Cultural archetype brand from Indian craftsman for socially responsible citizenship by Ritu Malhotra and Balamurugan A

FDI inflows and outflows during 2013-15: Selected countries by Rajesh Sund

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