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Journal of Development Economics Volume 123, November 2016



Income inequality and the quality of public services: A developing country perspective by Sukanta Bhattacharya, Sarani Saha, Sarmila Banerjee

Does flattening government improve economic performance? Evidence from China by Pei Li, Yi Lu, Jin Wang

The economic consequences of mutual help in extended families by Jean-Marie Baland, Isabelle Bonjean, Catherine Guirkinger, Roberta Ziparo

Mass media effects on non-governmental organizations by Mathieu Couttenier, Sophie Hatte

Does environmental regulation drive away inbound foreign direct investment? Evidence from a quasi-natural experiment in China by Xiqian Cai, Yi Lu, Mingqin Wu, Linhui Yu

Do land revenue windfalls create a political resource curse? Evidence from China byTing Chen, J.K.-S. Kung

Small price incentives increase women’s access to land titles in Tanzania by Daniel Ayalew Ali, Matthew Collin, Klaus Deininger, Stefan Dercon, Justin Sandefur, Andrew Zeitlin

URL: http://www.sciencedirect.com/science/journal/03043878/123

Courtesy: Sciencedirect

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