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Economic and Political Weekly, Vol. 51, Issue No. 49, 03 Dec, 2016



Fast Losing Currency

Firing Up the Fireworks Debate


Fidel and Cuba by Bernard D’Mello

Margin Speak

Demonetisation — Modi Digs a Ditch for the BJP by Anand Teltumbde


Neglect and Abuse in the Name of Education by Prateek Goyal

‘Equal Pay for Equal Work’ by Alok Prasanna Kumar

Minting Money for India – South Korea’€™s Role in the 1980s by Sojin Shin

Abdullah Hussein and The Weary Generations by Raza Naeem

What Makes a Party a National Party? by M Madhava Prasad

Why Have Export-oriented Units in India Failed to Deliver? by Pravakar Sahoo, Niloptal Goswami

The Gift of a Life and Death – Rohith Vemula and ‘Us’ by Sasheej Hegde

Remembering an Activist Intellectual by Chinnaiah Jangam

Book Reviews

Space Matters by  Srikumar Chattopadhyay

Gripping Narrative but Just One Shade of Truth by Anuradha Bhasin Jamwal

Special Articles

Ambedkar’s Gita by Meera Nanda

Financial Inclusion in India – A Demand-side Approach  Jyoti Prasad Mukhopadhyay

Minority Claims and Majoritarian Anxieties – The Jain Question by Manisha Sethi


Biased and Prejudiced View of Sociologists by K L Sharma

Criticism without Academic Substantiation by Vivek Kumar

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